tupac shakur biopic auditions los angeles times Tupac's friends claim to have smoked the rapper's ashes

For the conspiracy theorists who believe Tupac Shakur is still out there, listen up: his friends have some evidence to the contrary.

TMZ posted a video (by way of VladTV) featuring members of The Outlawz, a hip-hop group assembled by Shakur.  In the video, the group asserts that they smoked the fallen rapper’s ashes in a beach-side ceremony attended by Tupac’s mother and family.

In the video, a member of The Outlawz claims the idea came from the Tupac song “Black Jesus,” which featured the lyric “last wishes n****s, smoke my ashes.”

The video can be found on the VladTV YouTube channel.

P.S. If you’re wondering about the health ramifications, don’t worry.  Like all unknown substances, Keith Richards has already tried it out for us.

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