alec baldwin sept 2011 gi '30 Rock': Alec Baldwin promises he's staying with the seriesFear not  “30 Rock” fans, Alec Baldwin isn’t going anywhere until the series ends. He made this point clear during an appearance in Washington on Monday (April 16).

The Washington Post is reporting that Baldwin says that he’ll remain with the series through its conclusion, presumably the 2012-13 season. He also adds that NBC needs to fix their lineup due to its ongoing ratings woes…or as Baldwin calls it “stating the obvious.”

Baldwin was miffed at his employer after a crew from “Today” recently camped outside his apartment to do a report about his stalker Genevieve Sabourin. It was after this that Baldwin writes on Twitter, “Outside my apt today, along side the other stalkers from the tabloid press, a crew that identified themselves as being with the Today Show…I think I’m leaving NBC just in time.”

His boss and co-star Tina Fey attempted to clarify these statements during and April 12 visit to “The View.”

“He’s not leaving the show. We’re all in this together till the end,” Fey says of Baldwin. “I think he just maybe means that the end of the show … is visible on the horizon.”

Posted by:David Eckstein