30 rock i do do '30 Rock': Do I do?Picking up seeming ages after Jack’s “Stall, darn you, stall!” text, Lemon is still killing time at Floyd’s wedding by playing Mad Libs with the Bible and displaying her surprisingly broad knowledge of Duggar-evoking church camp songs.

Eventually Jack commits to Nancy, and Lemon is allowed to stop her charade. All the better to pick up where she left off in her ill-conceived charade with Wesley. Between Floyd’s and Cerie’s weddings, Wesley remembers he left his tuxedo shoes in his old office and asks Lemon to retrieve them for him, lest there be Taser incident. While there, a pilot named Carol (Matt Damon) stops in to settle a workman’s comp claim.

Despite having no experience in insurance, Lemon fills in just long enough to learn that he shares her disdain for flip-flops in church and thinks TGS is the greatest thing since sliced bread — especially her “Fart Doctor” sketch. It’s love at first flattery. So she invites him to Cerie’s wedding. Wesley becomes possessive, prompting Lemon to make a grand speech about how fate does exist after all: If it weren’t for Wesley’s misplaced shoes, she would never have met the man of her dreams, with whom she plans to spend the rest of her life, and who she is certain will love her in spite of her disgusting foot secret.

Naturally, Carol isn’t meant to hear any of this. When he does, Lemon’s TMI is a little too much. He nearly preempts their lifetime of bliss by leaving to spend his layover in the Chili’s at LaGuardia but fortunately thinks better of it and returns to try loving Lemon, warts (I’m assuming) and all. Jack’s relief at settling his dilemma is short-lived when Avery shows up at Cerie’s wedding.

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