“30 Rock” stars Jack McBrayer and Jane Krakowski shared their comically low expectations about the series’ Oct 14 live episode with Zap2it just two days before the big show — having clocked zero rehearsal time.

“Lots of mistakes, lots of regret, much disappointment, zero laughter,” McBrayer jokes about what to plan on during the live episode, though there is a hint of real panic in his eyes when the two admit they hadn’t rehearsed. The circumstances are a far cry from the preparation theater-trained Krakowski is accustomed to with live performances.

“In the theater you have so much more rehearsal, so you really know everything pretty much backwards and forwards,” she says. “When the audience comes in and that whole energy changes, you’re somewhat prepared for what’s next.”

So what has her most nervous? “My adrenaline most runs when I think about the idea of getting a laugh we didn’t expect and then remembering what we last said and where we are still.”

While we had her cornered, we also asked Krakowski about her character’s recent boon in  jokes about Mickey Rourke. “Jenna clearly had a very twisted relationship with Mickey Rourke over the summer,” she says.

They may have been late to start rehearsals, but they did manage to squeeze in some stage time after we met with them. NBC has a clip of the cast going through lines in “Saturday Night Live’s” Studio 8H — not that you’d recognize it. Production has duplicated “30 Rock’s” Queens-based set in the network’s Manhattan studio.

If you wish to remain free of spoilers for the under-wraps episode, this segment shouldn’t offend you. It’s mostly behind the scenes footage of Alec Baldwin smelling a can of paint and looking deep in thought.

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell