30rock live episode april26 nbc '30 Rock': Live show brings double the funTina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and the rest of the cast of “30 Rock” did it again — took their show live two times in one night — and, as expected, hilarity ensued.

As the show moved from their normal location to the set of “Saturday Night Live,” it only seems appropriate that the episode was closer to a sketch comedy with a through line than anything else.

The 2012 version upped the ante from 2010’s live show, featuring some outstanding guest stars including Jon Hamm, Donald Glover and Amy Poehler. Unlike last time around, there were no nipple slips and only a few gaffes.

Just as they did the first time, there were two versions, one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast. Because we have an eagle eye and a DVR, we decided to point out the differences between the two shows.

Walk on
During the East Coast broadcast, viewers were treated to musical royalty, the legendary Paul McCartney. West Coast viewers got stuck with reality queen Kim Kardashian. (Edge – East Coast)

Theme song
In the East Coast version, Jane Krakowski sang to the show’s theme music. West Coast viewers got recurring guest star Cheyenne Jackson, who included a special NFL draft update. (Edge – West Coast)

Joey Montero
While it was hard to make out the Italian gibberish Alec Baldwin was singing in this Dean Martin send up, it sure sounded different the second time around. (Edge – Even)

The Lovebirds
In the West Coast spoof of “The Honeymooners,” Tina Fey’s character admits she got syphilis from Orson Welles. (Edge – West Coast)

Chatterton Cigarettes
The East Coast was treated to Chris Parnell pretending to be a wayward Nazi doctor. On the West Coast, he was the “gay” Dr. Harold Spaceman — Leo’s father, we presume. (Edge – West Coast)

The Gruber Brother and Nipsey
Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Riley totally beats out Alec Baldwin as Richard Nixon. (Edge – west coast)

News Break
Brian Williams as Chet Huntley FTW. (Edge – West Coast)

Did you notice any other changes? Watch the full East Coast version at Hulu.

Posted by:David Eckstein