“30 Rock” embraced the gaffe with its live show(s), working in laughter, nipple slips, forgotten lines and plenty more awkward moments into the script.

It was weird to see the series in the live format, especially with the distracting addition of an audience, but they pulled it off. And if you were sorry to have been previously spoiled by Matt Damon and Jon Hamm‘s cameos, at least we got that awesome surprise (or three) from Julia Louis-Dreyfus. (Come back to TV, Julia. Please.)

So for those of you who didn’t catch both the east and west coast versions, we have two things to say to you:

1) Congratulations on having a life.
2) There actually were a few fun differences.

And since we respect your decision to only watch it once, allow us to fill in the blanks.

Liz Lemon’s jabs at Jack’s assistant, which brought on her forgotten birthday, were equally racist cinematic references, with “Slumdog Millionaire” for the east coasters and “Aladdin” for the westerners.

Theme song
The musical honors of the opening credits went to Jane Krakowski the first go around and then to returning guest Cheyenne Jackson three hours later. (Advantage: east coast.)

Obama citation
During the “TGS’s” Fox News spoof, Tracy’s Obama got two title cards: “Kenyan Liar” and “Barack Obammunist.”

Dr. Spaceman’s Love Storm
Both broadcasts got different sampling from Dr. Spaceman’s arousing album, with four “doing it” songs between them.

Whilst sniffing cans of paint, Jack gives Liz alternate answers as to why men need alcohol. East coast: “It’s the first thing every civilization makes along with weapons and shelters to enjoy prostitutes.” West coast: “It gives us the ability to hit on women and later, when we’re married, to tune them out.”

Dr. Drew Baird
Jon Hamm’s first faux commercial cameo was for repurposed hands from executed criminals and the second was from a woman killed in an explosion at a Josh Groban concert.

Fonzie cake
The slightest of differences… as the episode came to a close, Liz said she was pleased with her birthday for being able to eat cake off the floor and then, later, for being able to eat Fonzie’s face from the cake.

[Editor’s note: there’s no way to prove this, but we’re convinced the ribbons Jack pulled out of Liz’s mouth were slightly longer in the second broadcast. Just saying.]

Notice anything else? Then your eyes are keener than our own. And you’re a liar.

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Photo Credit: NBC

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell