30 rockk elaine stritch jack mcbrayer 320 '30 Rock': Mama dramaNBC’s sleeper flop “Bitch Hunter” offends just about everyone, so the staffers at “TGS” invite all their moms for a special Mother’s Day show.

As usual, Colleen is the boldest and best at kicking ass and taking names. She heard through the grapevine that Jack is seeing two women simultaneously and spends much of the episode clucking disapprovingly and messing with Kenneth’s mind.

Seeing that Jack won’t make a decision, she blows the whistle to Avery, who promptly lays down an ultimatum. Jack is furious, but Colleen explains that she’s just making sure that someone will be there to take care of playboy Jack after she’s gone. Perhaps someone should tend to Kenneth first, though, because Colleen’s toyed with him so much, he doesn’t remember his own name.

Lemon’s mother also spread the message of marriage and stability. Except hers is much grimmer than Lemon hopes. Mrs. Lemon reveals that she was very much in love with a boy named Ed when she was in high school. They humped like bunnies before Ed shipped off to Korea, but when he returned the timing was off. So he took the job he’d been offered at NASA (turns out “Ed” was Lemon’s mom’s nickname for Buzz Aldrin), and Mrs. Lemon settled for Dick Lemon.

Lemon nearly blows her top that not only did her mom pass up the chance to be an astronaut’s wife, she also gave up on true love. Determined to find her Mike Dexter, Lemon manages to swing a meet-and-greet with Buzz Aldrin through Jack. But, as we know, Buzz is not only a terrible dancer but also a former raging alcoholic with depression issues. He assures Lemon that her mother missed a lot of bad times by not choosing him. Lemon finds some consolation in this, finally realizing that Mike Dexter is an even more unattainable goal than walking on the moon. She thanks her mom for choosing the right man (and, you know, giving birth to her). In return, Mrs. Lemon begs her to start having babies, stat.

Verna returns for the second half of the “being Jenna’s mom” money that Jack promised her some time ago.

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