30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: Chasing TracyWith the show at stake, Lemon and Kenneth go on a wild Tracy chase. They begin at the Queens pizzeria whose logo appears on the box Kenneth and Lemon saw while Skyping with Tracy. Kenneth outwits the pizzaiolo and gets a lead on Tracy’s whereabouts, but it’s to no avail when they arrive two weeks too late. Tracy Skypes Kenneth for his lizard Jeremy’s 11th birthday, which gives Lemon the clue she needs to discover where he’s hiding. They find Tracy in the upstairs of Lemon’s own apartment (thanks to her futon that conspicuously lacks sex stains). He tells them he’s been hiding because he can no longer take the pressure of being an award-winning performer. Lemon gives him a pep talk that involves the words “attack the Lincoln memorial with a hammer,” and Tracy realizes he’s just a few shenanigans away from being his old, pressure-free self. Tracy Jordan is back!

Pete discovers his one true talent: Arm wrestling. It all starts when he feels emasculated by one of his crew members (Rob Riggle) and takes his frustration out on the writers with an arm wrestling match. Once he learns of his freakish strength, Pete decides to challenge the meathead crew guy to an arm wrestling match. He has second thoughts when he sees the meathead being emasculated by his own wife and decides to throw the match. Naturally, this good deed backfires when Pete re-enters his losing streak during an arm wrestling match with Frank and goes back to being an emasculated sad sack.

Jenna gets a job on a Saw-lite torture porn, but it’s quickly shut down when the state of Connecticut doesn’t think the movie is portraying the state in a positive light. Jack, who is trying to run a network where all the shows work, realizes that her movie used to be a sitcom pilot. Long story short, the answer is product placement, and lots of it. The movie becomes a ridiculously inappropriate, yet family-friendly vehicle for shilling every product under the sun. In other words, the perfect project for Jenna.

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