30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: How Lemon Spent Her SummerAll Lemon wants is a normal summer, including the great outdoors, shapeless clothing, gardening, and rudimentary Spanish. She rents a house in the Hamptons and immediately gets a new neighbor — Tracy. So desperate is she to escape this vacation from hell, she disrespects the judge in her hate crime case (turns out the tree she assaulted last week was Jewish) and earns herself three months of community service on a chain gang. And what a glorious time it is!

Jack is down in the dumps since Avery’s abduction, so Kenneth befriends him in hope of raising his spirits. Things turn weird somewhere between one of Jonathan’s jealous fits and Jack’s decision to use Kenneth as an Avery substitute-slash-inside spoon. Wearing Avery’s robe the morning after, Kenneth channels Avery to snap Jack back to reality and be a better, stronger father for Liddy.

Jenna becomes the new face of the Wool Council, but WC chairman Eugene Grimby (Victor Garber) doesn’t think Jenna is morally upright enough, particularly in regard to her relationship with Paul/’Gina. She invites the Grimbys over for a dinner to prove her wholesomeness and, despite a little person in jester drag showing up and offering to sit on the Grimbys, ultimately convinces Eugene that she’s fit to represent wool. This is Jenna, though, so soon enough, she can’t take the thought of living a lie. She and ‘Gina let their freak flags fly, wool be damned!

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