30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: LizbianismLemon develops a new philosophy: Lizbianism. In short, she decides to spend as much time focusing on her personal life as the show. Alas, a plastic bag in the tree outside her apartment window keeps her from realizing her own fabulousness because it reminds her of the flaws of her own mortality. Even after getting Tased while cutting the bag down, Lemon is convinced she has mastered her own destiny. That is, until a delivery boy runs into her and sends a swirl of bags up into the tree outside her window. Lemon is once again forced to face her own mortality. Because that’s how “30 Rock” does.

Jack realizes raising Liddy is actually easier without Avery, especially when the fringe benefits include Skype sex with a Reagan mask. Then Avery is abducted in North Korea. Jack blames himself and is chagrined to turn to his former lover Condoleezza Rice for help. He also turns to Tracy, who naturally starred in a film with Kim Jong-Il back in the day. Both of these paths to Avery’s freedom fail, and shortly thereafter Avery makes statements indicating she’s been brainwashed against capitalism. Jack fears he’ll never get his baby mama back.

Tracy returns to find that the world continued spinning even when he was gone. He learns of an inside joke between Kenneth, Grizz, and Dotcom and insists on recreating the exact circumstances of the joke so that he can once again make himself the center of attention. When that doesn’t work, he grows desperate… until Kenneth admits they only developed the inside joke because they were so heartbroken he was gone. Tracy’s ego is fed once more, and all is right with the world.

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