30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: Mixed Marital ArtsJack blissfully returns from his island wedding. The only snag is that the French-speaking minister accidentally married him to Lemon, who unfortunately wore a white dress and a veil-like mosquito net hat when she stepped in as best man at the last minute. Jack has but a few days to rectify the situation while Avery attends a Chinese economic summit. Lemon proves the holdout when budget cuts take away many of the niceties to which she and her fellow TGS-ers are accustomed. He tries to wear her down by hiring Angie as an intern, but Lemon sees through the ruse. Amidst the ruins of their crumbling relationship, HR rep Jeffrey Weinerslav requires the newlyweds to stop by his office and prove they’re not engaged in some sort of nepotistic arrangement. Of course they are, but in the end their chat with Weinerslav reminds them of all the good they bring to each other’s life. They each compromise in order to end their marriage and mend their friendship.

As a result of the budget cuts, Danny and Jenna are also forced into a strained union sharing a dressing room. They immediately squabble like old marrieds, and Kenneth finds himself in the eye of the storm. Taking advice from Pete, he offers himself as a human buffer in hopes they’ll stop fighting. As you might expect, the plan fails remarkably, sending Danny to the Y and Kenneth, one suspects, to years of therapy.

Following a dreadful diagnosis by the always correct Dr. Leo Spaceman, Tracy believes his days are numbered. He worries how Angie and the kids will fare when he’s not there to support them. They turn to Jack, who offers Angie an internship with TGS. When that blows up in everyone’s face, Angie gets pissed, pulls a bitch’s weave, and proves she has what it takes to helm her own utterly watchable reality show. Not bad for a day’s non-work.

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