alec baldwin tina fey '30 Rock' recap: One Hit BlundersAfter her messy break-up with Carol, Lemon resigns herself to a life of spinsterhood on “30 Rock,” complete with a fanny pack-adorned sweat suit, a cat named Emily Dickinson, and a large-print copy of Murder on the Orient Express. Jenna tries to jog her out of the lovelorn lurch by taking her to a club that seems perfectly suited for Lemon. One hot stranger (Eion Bailey) and a random hook-up later, Lemon thinks all signs are pointing away from her inevitable slog toward “Decrepit Cat Lady”… until she starts to piece together clues from the night before, Agatha Christie-style, and realizes it was all a set-up by the gang at TGS. Whether that’s extra-sad or heartwarming, you be the judge. Either way, Lemon got to make out with a swarthy fellow named Anders.

Inspired by Pete’s tales of playing with Loverboy, a.k.a. those guys who sang “Workin’ for the Weekend,” Frank decides to join forces with Axeman Hornberger to form the worst band since Dirk Diggler took to the sound booth. Their ditty “It’s Never Too Late for Now” is destined for obscurity, but it does give sexy Anders a way to get into Lemon’s grey granny panties, so let’s score one for Sound Bound. Yep, that’s the name of their “band.”

And Jack runs into negotiation stalemates both amid the NBC-Kabletown merger and with his sassy new Trinidadian nanny, Sherry. Jack thinks he can bring the impassive Sherry around if he shows apathy toward his baby girl, Liddy, but silent Sherry is wise to these ploys. In the end, Jack is able to use his failings in negotiating with Sherry as learning tools for his meetings with the Kabletown honchos.

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