alec baldwin tina fey '30 Rock' recap: Pregnancy ScareKabletown execs, including honcho Hank Hooper, are going to tour “30 Rock,” so Jack needs everyone to be normal — in other words, “Don’t be yourselves.” But Hank’s all about equality and listening to the people at the bottom, even Lutz.

He forces Jack to spend a whole day listening to anyone’s ideas, including bad ones from Frank, Pete, Kenneth, Dot Com and Griz. But when Jack’s idea for voice activation doesn’t work, he blurts out Kenneth’s idea about having a black bar at the bottom of the screen to cover up anything dirty. He tells Kenneth what he did, and Kenneth is totally fine with it, which of course makes Jack upset because he just cannot figure out that crazy page.

All the execs, of course, love the “BlahBar,” causing Jack to trap Kenneth in an elevator and yell at him. He practically forces Kenneth to take something to him or hurt him, then makes him punch him with no retaliation. But his instincts kick in and he takes Kenneth down, and gets no relief. So Jack tells Hank it was Kenneth’s idea and then tries to resign. But Hank won’t let him, because now he knows Jack’s a good guy. Hank makes Jack give Kenneth a hug for this, and then he realizes Hank and Kenneth are the same person. Jack’s world is a scary place.

Meanwhile, Avery’s hiding her pregnancy on air (thanks to Michael Kors and his latest fashion style, wizard capes), so when she’s caught at a baby store with Liz by a competing anchor, Liz pretends she’s preggo. The news of course spreads, from Carmen (the anchor, played by Vanessa Minnillo), to Brian Williams, to Frank, to the whole building, basically. Carmen’s trying to call Liz’s bluff by telling her she’s going on a fake news story about pregnant women in their 40’s.

But, because Jack’s job is going so bad — he doesn’t know if he can work at a place where everyone is treated equally — so Avery really needs the job she and Carmen are competing for. When Carmen ambushes Liz in her office with some interview questions, Liz aces the test until Carmen asks if she’s pregnant. Liz says no. Busted! But not quite, because there’s a pregnancy photo shoot first. Liz doesn’t stop, and instead oils up her belly and scares Carmen away. Avery gets the job, so she and Jack will name the baby after her.

Also caught up in the merger drama are Jenna and Tracy, because Kabletown sent over a basket of stuff for them. There were two computers and fancy watches, so they were happy. But only one ugly gray Kabletown sweatshirt, which they spent the episode fighting over, only because they are needy egomaniacs. They go to Liz for resolution, and she gets to play the pregnancy card to get them to get the hell out and leave the sweatshirt in the garbage. Then Pete brings her double the food since she’s eating for two. Dude, this is perfect for Lemon. When Tracy and Jenna learn the truth, they want to punish her, so she gives them the nude-ish pregnancy photos, theirs to keep as punishment. Jack, Jenna and Tracy all marvel at the horrific images.

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