30 rock s5 320 '30 Rock' recap: Real Housewives of 30 Rock“With Tracy away, it’s time to let Angie be the star,” says the Queen of Jordan — which also happens to be the lens through which we view everyone’s favorite Midtown address this week.

And what a lens it is. An entire subplot involves Jack’s embarrassment at tripping in front of the camera. The Jack smack occurred during a meeting to plan a launch party for Angie’s self-referential, sure-to-be-smash single “My Single Is Dropping.” Lemon wants no part in planning the party because she’s stressed about getting Tracy back from “Africa.” While she tries to trick Angie into calling Tracy and begging him to return, Jack sets about embarrassing himself further by attempting to prove his athleticism, resulting in a string of “Jack is a gay” jokes that climax with him bragging that he played Maria in an all-male production of West Side Story at Princeton.

When Lemon’s subterfuge inevitably fails, she tries to no avail to hack Angie’s computer. Angie finds her. Cue contractually obligated weave-pulling by Angie, plus Manzo “thick as thieves” spouting and Giudice table flipping by Lemon. They reach an impasse shortly after Lemon awkwardly pulls out her earrings, and they both realize the world will be a sadder place if Tracy never returns to it. Get well, Tracy Morgan!

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