sherri shepherd view april30 abc '30 Rock': Sherri Shepherd defends Jon Hamm in blackface on 'The View'For a show that was supposed to offer a lighthearted poke at TV’s history, the April 26 episode of “30 Rock” seems to have caused quite the hubbub.

The controversy centers around the “Alfie and Abner” skit featuring Jon Hamm in blackface alongside Tracy Morgan. While the sketch was designed to parody “Amos ‘n’ Andy,” according to the ladies on “The View,” many people were upset by what Hamm did.

In an effort to clear up the matter, Sherri Shepherd says on Monday’s (April 30) show, “You’ve got to look at the underlying message of what this was about. It was saying the absurdity of the fact that they wouldn’t let two black actors act together, they had to get a white person and put them in blackface in the past.”

Whoopi Goldberg joined in the defense of the sitcom. She pointed out that those who were offended by this sketch clearly didn’t get it.

“Racism is a very specific thing,” Goldberg says. “If they had been paying attention they would have realized that this was a commentary on what had already been. This was the history. We can’t get away from it.”

So Zappers. What do you think about the sketch? Are people overreacting? Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein