It’s almost vacation week at 30 Rock and Liz is headed to St. Bartleby’s. It’s her one indulgence every year. Unfortunately, Cirie informs her the hotel was booked and her vacay is off. Poor Liz Lemon.

Jack’s romance. He sucks face with Elisa, which is not a storyline I love. Alec Baldwin is awesome, but seriously? Ew. He comes to her house while she’s with a patient, which she says is inappropriate, so he takes them both out on the town. It’s kind of boring, actually. It turns out Elisa may also be sleeping with her patient’s son. Zzzzzzz…

Dr. Spaceman is giving out flu shots and Jack charges Liz with deciding which people on her staff get the last 4 flu shots. She refuses her shot because it’s not fair that they don’t all get one. Tracy and Jenna both get one but Liz still stands strong. She riles her crew up about the flu shots and I expect her to stand on a chair and write "Strike" on a piece of cardboard. To thank her, they get her a "meat plate." Which is exactly what it sounds like. Delicious, delicious cuts of meat on a platter.

Kenneth doesn’t get a flu shot and is horribly sick with the flu. He convinces Jenna and Tracy to get their own soup instead of him having to do it. It’s quite the feat. Liz’s vacation is back on because of flu cancellations and she runs, terrified through the studio, trying to escape all the sick people. It’s a great zombie movie parody, really well done. She asks for the last flu shot from Dr. Spaceman. Oh, Liz.

Tracy and Jenna get back from "getting soup" and it turns out they went shopping instead because they forgot about the soup. They decide to give the crew "medicine" instead of soup and by "medicine," they mean "laughter." This translates into them dressed as clowns, pelting Liz with cream pies and the crew discovering that Liz got a flu shot and she is on the outs again.

Decent episode of 30 Rock. The Liz stuff is awesome (as always) and the Jenna/Tracy stuff is awesome. The Jack stuff is boring but Alec Baldwin is still funny so it’s still alright.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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