tina fey 30 rock 320 '30 Rock': Tina Fey explains working with actors, in case you still don't know she's Liz LemonWith the release of her first book, the absurd-looking “Bossypants,” fast approaching, Tina Fey has been lending her words to the New Yorker with a few essays.

The most recent, “Lessons From Late Night,” explores the “30 Rock” creator’s relationship with “Saturday Night Live” honcho Lorne Michaels. And in addition to divulging a bit too much about the behind-the-scenes antics of male comedy writers — Frank’s “sun tea” is unfortunately rooted in fact — it turns out Fey has to do just as much cajoling with actors as Liz Lemon.

“Is the actor being asked to bare his or her midriff or make out with a Dick Cheney look-alike?” she writes in a passage on uncooperative actors. “Rather than say ‘I’m uncomfortable breast-feeding a grown man whom I just met today,’ the actor may speak in code and say something like ‘I don’t think my character would do that.’ Or ‘I’ve hurt my back and I’m not coming out of my dressing room.'”

“If a male actor is giving you a hard time about something,” she concludes. “Immediately scan the area for pretty interns.”

Note to potential “30 Rock” interns: presenting options for placating Tracy Morgan might just land you a job. 

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell