alec baldwin red carpet nc 325 '30 Rock's' Alec Baldwin's 5 year plan: 'I hope it is not acting'“30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin has expressed an interest in politics before  and as his NBC series draws to a close, he’s once again looking beyond entertaining the masses.
 “I hope it is not acting,” he tells Zap2it of where he will be in five years. “I hope I wind up doing something else after I wind up doing the show.” Baldwin says.
 “TV is a lot of acting,” he says. “It is a schedule where you work very fast, and I am of the belief that to do this for a lifetime is incredibly difficult.”
Still, he is starring in Broadway’s “Orphans” this spring. Baldwin, 54, has been in four other Broadway shows, and says this one has “comic moments and dramatic moments.”
Baldwin was upfront about how he would have liked “30 Rock” to stay on air, and considers it a far-reaching success compared to some of his movies.
“Having an audience in film is becoming an increasingly elusive thing, as most of the films I made ended like most movies — very tepid, and some nobody showed up,” Baldwin says. 
“And when you do a television show, even though we didn’t have big numbers [like] back when I was younger — those numbers they had for finales of shows ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends,’ and from my childhood ‘M*A*S*H’ — and so far television viewership has gone down and what defines success has gone down,” he continues. “The numbers are never great enough to stay on the air for seven seasons. It is unusual for me to have that sort of loyal following.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler