tina fey 30 rock season 5 finale '30 Rock's' Tina Fey on series end: 'We're all going to be a mess'As “30 Rock” heads into its final season, the show’s star and EP Tina Fey is certain of one thing, she wants to conclude the Emmy-winning series on the right note.

“Things do end, and you want them to end when we’re running through the finish line and not limping to it and not vomiting or pooping ourselves,” she says in an L.A. Times interview. “You have to muster the maturity to leave it. But we’re all going to be a mess.”

Fey also tells the publication that she’s grown as an actress during her time on the series. This was proven out by her Emmy and Golden Globe wins for Best Actress in a Comedy series.

“It validated for me and maybe a little on the outside that it was ok that I was in the show,” she says. “I think in that first season there were questions in interviews like ‘Why is she in it? She’s not a professional actor.'”

NBC has confirmed that the comedy will finish up its last season with an hour-long finale.

So Zappers, will you be sad to see Liz, Jack and the gang go? Or is it about time they leave the air? Make your thoughts known in the comment section below.

Posted by:David Eckstein