portlandia season 2 renewal 5 Reasons to cheer for the 'Portlandia' Season 2 renewalIFC has give a Season 2 order to its short-based comedy “Portlandia,” The network announced that 10 new half-hour episodes will start in Jan. 2012.

This green light comes only a few weeks after the start of the show’s initial run, which features “Saturday Night Live” star Fred Armisen and former Sleater Kinney singer and guitarist Carrie Brownstein as various characters lampooning hipster and alternative culture in Portland, Oregon.

Most of the series as already disseminated online, but this being on IFC and there only being 6 episodes to the freshman season, “Portlandia” hasn’t yet reached a critical mass of eyeballs. So if you’re still in the dark or on the fence, here are five compelling examples of why you should tune in:

1. “House Sitter”

“Parks and Recreation” star — and one of the world’s most adorably funny human beings — Aubrey Plaza has made several appearances on the show so far. In “House Sitter,” she encounters two very particular homeowners, with explicit instructions on how to turn the lights off and on — and what type of facial expressions to make while sleeping in their bed.

2. “Customers Only”

One of the recurring sketches is off two antagonistic shopkeepers at a feminist bookstore. Here they berate guest Steve Buscemi for using the bathroom without buying anything — before forcing him to buy something while not technically letting him.

3. Did You Read?

No explanation necessary. We’ve all been there. (Right?)

4. “Hide and Seek”

What is funnier: the idea of “Portland’s Adult Hide and Seek League” or the inevitability that they play at the public library? [Sidenote: How many prop mustaches does Fred Armisen have on this show?]

5. “Put A Bird On It”

And then there’s the instant classic. When “Portlandia” premiered just a few weeks ago, “Put A Bird On It” had us hooked from the beginning. We would have posted this half an hour ago, but we’ve been lost en several encore viewings.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell