50 cent headphones gi 50 Cent changes mind, won't bet picture of his penis on Super BowlUpon further review, rapper 50 Cent decided that betting a picture of his penis wasn’t the best idea. On Thursday (Jan. 26) he pulled the plug on that plan.

It was presumably during a moment of irrational exuberance following the NY Giants NFC Championship win that 50 Cent promised his Twitter followers that if the Giants lost the Super Bowl, he would post a picture of his little rapper online. But it looks like common sense got the better of him.

“I Change (sic) my mind I’m not betting on the super bowl,” he writes on Twitter. “I’m gonna promote street king and focus on making a difference 4 the less fortunate.”

Street King is the rapper’s energy drink. And considering 50 Cent’s track record with beverages (he reportedly made $100 million when Vitamin Water was sold to Coca-Cola), that’s probably a pretty good idea.

Posted by:David Eckstein