50 cent headphones gi 50 Cent: 'I don't think I'm gonna live much longer'Is 50 Cent, the man who once told us to “party like it’s our birthday,” crying out for help? On Monday (Jan. 2), 50 posted a series of despondent tweets lamenting his loss of faith in his Interscope record team.

“I’ll be honest I don’t think I’m gonna live much longer,” tweets 50. “That’s why I started my street king movement. I want to mean more in other peoples lives.”

The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, is referring to his new six-hour energy drink, Street King, the profits of which supposedly go to charities combating world hunger.

“This morning I was look out the window,” he continues. “I saw a bird fly right on to ledge. It felt like he was looking right at me. I hit the window he just looked at me like he new I couldn’t do anything threw the glass. I was tripping he sat there a minute then flew off. I’d like to [be] a bird so I could fly and sh** on the world. then you all could say 50 sh** on me. That’s luck right? Then don’t wipe the sh** off.”

Umm, okay.

Later in the day, 50 backed off of the whole nihilistic theme, tweeting, “To be conscious that life is short is not suicidal. I’m good if I die tonight. Iv [sic] taken care of the people who took care of me when I couldn’t take care my self.”

Sounds like someone needs a hug.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson