grinch movie 59 'grinches' arrested in Operation Whoville stingPolice in the Chicago recently set up an elaborate sting called “Operation Whoville” to catch a shoplifting ring. So when they arrested 59 people from the sting, naturally they said they nabbed 59 “grinches.”

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says of the grinches in a press conference, “They’re very organized. Everybody has a job to do. They know what it is, and they know exactly where the merchandise is
going once they get it out of the store.”

Operation Whoville was started in October and concentrated on not only malls in suburban Chicago, but also the famous downtown shopping area the Magnificent Mile..

“It was a big operation and the significance was that most of the
work done by police departments in regards to financial crime is
reactive in nature, but this was a proactive approach,” Orland Park
Police Department Chief Tim McCarthy tells ABC News.

He said that
thieves in one of the rings would ship the stolen goods to Miami and,
from there, they’d be shipped to South America to be sold.

“It was a great effort and it’s going to continue,” says McCarthy. “These people who engage in this kind of activity aren’t going to know
next time if we’re there watching. There’s hopefully going to be a
Whoville Two.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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