eddie murphy a thousand words 6 Eddie Murphy movies to see instead of 'A Thousand Words'Let’s face it. Things are not looking good for Eddie Murphy’s new movie, “A Thousand Words.” In fact, the guy has long since reached the point in his career where the craptastic movies outnumber the classics.

Penned by “Jack & Jill” scribe Steve Koren and produced, in party, by Nicolas Cage, “A Thousand Words” was already somewhat doomed. But now that critics have seen it, any chance of the movie actually not stinking has pretty much been eliminated. “Drivel” is how one film critic described Murphy’s latest outing — which was actually made in 2008 — and it scored the elusive perfectly imperfect score of 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

We don’t even want to tell you what its about lest the stink rub off on the six awesome Eddie Murphy movies we recommend as alternate viewing:

1. “Dreamgirls” (2006):

2. “Coming to America” (1988):

3. “Beverly Hills Cop” (1984):

4. “Trading Places” (1983):

5. “48 Hrs.” (1984):

6. “Raw” (1987)

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson