6 legged lamb 6 legged lamb born in Georgia (VIDEO)A 6-legged lamb was just born at a Georgia farm. The lamb also appears
to be a hermaphrodite with both male and female sex organs. The fuzzy little guy has four legs at the front and another two at the back.

The Daily Mail reports that
the lamb was born in the village of Velistsikhe. Shepherd Albert
Abadzhanov said that the animal is having a bit of difficulty getting around at the moment, but
seems to be getting the hang of it. Abadzhanov said, “I have been asking the other shepherds, but none of them
remember such [a] case. There were three-legged lambs, one-eyed, but
not [a] six legged, bisexual one.”

Veterinarian Otto Zardiashvili believes that the calf’s mother was
probably having twins, but some how the embryos were combined.
Zardiashvili said, “Most probably there were twins, but then the embryos were united, and we’ve got a strange lamb.”

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