60 inch apple tv 60 inch Apple TV and iRing coming later this year? Analysts say yes

It seems as though Apple might have finally found a way to crack into the television market. After debuting Apple TV, the company is reportedly working on its own 60-inch Apple TV set that will be called an “iTV.”

Analysts claim that there will also be 50 and 55-inch models of the iTV released, and that they will range in price from $1,500 to $2,500. As Apple tends to not talk about their products before they reveal them, consumers likely won’t find out if this rumor is true until the iTV comes out.

In addition to the size, the iTV will come with an “iRing” remote. This will sit on a user’s fingers and allow control of the television set by simply pointing. There will also be “mini iTVs” that are basically iPads that allow viewers to wirelessly watch video from their TV set anywhere in the house. If it sounds like Apple has WiiU-ified the television idea, that’s basically what this rumor is saying.

Would you be interested in picking up an iTV if this rumor ends up being true?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz