Longtime “60 Minutes” anchor Mike Wallace passed away over the weekend at the age of 93. He died surrounded by family in a care facility in New Haven, Conn. Saturday evening (April 7) and his death was announced on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning.

CBS has put up videos of some of Wallace’s most memorable interviews. Above is the very first “60 Minutes” broadcast, which aired Sept. 24, 1968. Below are the Ronald Reagan interviews that Wallace did between 1975-1989; the interview with Secret Service agent No. 9 (Clint Hill, the agent who jumped onto the back of President Kennedy’s limo that day in Dallas), which Wallace has called the saddest interview of his career, because Hill was so full of grief over what happened.

Below that is Wallace’s 1996 interview with Jeffrey Wigand, the whistle-blower on big tobacco and the subject of the 1999 Russell Crowe movie “The Insider,” and Wallace’s 2008 interview with former baseball player Roger Clemens.

Wallace once told the New York Times he wanted his epitaph to read “tough but fair.” It’s easy to see that that is an appropriate way to honor him, as these interviews are just a small sampling of an outstanding journalism career.

RIP, Mike Wallace.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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