hes not that into you 65,000 calls to an ex boyfriend: Lady, he's just not that into youThis was just too crazy not to write about. According to the AP, a 42-year-old woman is facing criminal charges after calling her boyfriend 65,000 times in the last year.

For reference, that’s approximately 178 calls per day, or 7 calls per hour. Every day. For an entire year.

The 62-year-old man on the receiving end of the incessant calls finally filed a police complaint in August. We’re surprised it took him an entire year to file charges. We’re frankly impressed that he didn’t resort to violence. Someone give this dude a medal.

A spokesperson for the Hague prosecution said Thursday that “the woman argued to judges at a preliminary hearing she had a
relationship with the man and the number of calls she placed to him
wasn’t excessive. The man denied they had a relationship.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie