nashville cast photo '666 Park Ave' gets supernatural and 'Nashville' gets soapy: First Impressions of ABC's 2012 13 dramasABC’s drama lineup for the 2012-2013 season is nothing short of ambitious. While it’s hard to tell whether every show will succeed, there’s one person who should be commended — whoever edits the trailers for these things. Way to make the supernaturally creepy “666 Park Avenue” stick in our heads long before its fall premiere date. “Nashville’s” soapy, serialized “Country Strong”-esque storyline could not seem more action-packed — and this is all footage from the first episode.

Color us extremely impressed, except with a deplorable-looking Americanization of the British drama “Mistresses.” Check out our first impressions of the network’s new dramas below:

“666 Park Avenue”
Sundays, 10 p.m.
ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee calls “666 Park Avenue” an “utterly brilliant drama” that’s “as delicious as its lead-in,” “Revenge.” Although it starts with a relatively common horror movie trope — an innocent couple doesn’t know what they’re getting into — the trailer strikes the perfect tone while introducing us to crazy supernatural elements, an all-star cast, sex, and Rob Buckley in glasses. Count us 100 percent in.

“Last Resort”
Thursdays, 10 p.m.
That this comes from “The Shield” creator Shawn Ryan makes it appealing enough, but after seeing such exciting, chilling footage in the first trailer, we’re totally sold. Andre Braugher plays the man in charge of a nuclear submarine who refuses orders to bomb Pakistan, turning his ship into a U.S. enemy. The perfect casting for the role — well done, ABC.

Wednesdays, 10 p.m.
According to Lee, this is a “powerful and brilliantly executed drama.” According to us, after we watched the trailer “OH MY GOD WHEN DOES IT START?!?!?” Connie Britton is a gorgeous fading Nashville singer who’s forced to team up with Hayden Panettiere‘s country pop singer to revive her career. Though we can’t believe Panettiere’s character is as evil as they make her out to be, this seems like the perfect show to launch in the time slot vacated by “Revenge.”


These are “four empowered women,” according to Lee, but they just seem despicable. Who wants to watch a show about four horrible people doing horrible things? Not us. Though we watched and liked the original British version of the series, this American reboot is completely different, tonally, and totally turned us off. Might be nice for some, but not for us, though we love Alyssa Milano.

“Red Widow”
This is clearly the new “Missing,” with Radha Mitchell as a housewife who gets intertwined with the mob after her husband is murdered. It’s based on the Dutch show “Penoza,” and it looks heavy on the action and drama. We’re always into a strong female lead, but the real clincher is the effective use of silence in the trailer. Whoever is cutting these things for ABC needs to give the FOX people some lessons — even if you weren’t intrigued by the premise, the trailer is awesome and will make you want to check out at least the first episode.

“Zero Hour”

We’re all about finding ABC a new “Lost,” but this one seems a bit too heavy on the mythology. Anthony Edwards returns to TV as a man whose wife is kidnapped and uncovers a “Da Vinci Code”-level mystery involving an international terrorist. Scott Michael Foster seems to be playing the young, smartass sidekick role he was born to play. It looks intriguing and well-written but perhaps goes a little too far in establishing the underlying mystery that there are too many balls in play. Or clocks, since they seem to be the key of the whole show.

Posted by:Jean Bentley