666 park 102 dinner party '666 Park Avenue' preview: 5 things to expect from 'Murmurations'It’s time for a visit to our favorite NYC address — “666 Park Avenue” gears up for its second episode this Sunday. While a pilot tees up a story, episode 2 is the show’s chance to hit a real home run and get us truly hooked… and “666 Park” has done it. Here are five things to expect from tonight’s chilling second episode!

1. A group of starlings is called a murmuration… and expect a lot of birds in this episode. “I got, like, Tippi Hedren attacked!” Jane (Rachael Taylor) tells Henry (Dave Annable) — and she’s not exaggerating. But our favorite teenage clairvoyant warns Jane, “Don’t mess with the birds. They’re part of the Drake.” People should probably learn to listen to Nona (Samantha Logan).

2. Henry is increasingly adorable. There are a few key mentions of the fact that Henry and Jane are not married, which makes us a little nervous, because we’re definitely rooting for these two crazy kids to make it. Jane spends her day texting Henry to keep him updated on The Drake’s general weirdness, but all in all he seems pretty removed from what’s going on in the building. Unfortunately for Henry, that’s definitely not going to last.

3. Alexis continues to tempt and torture Brian (Rob Buckley — who, by the way, appears to be spending some serious time in the gym). When she gets a key to his apartment, things only get worse. Meanwhile, Louise (Mercedes Masohn) considers suing Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) and The Drake for her horrible elevator accident, but… surprise, surprise… inspectors can’t find any faulty safety mechanisms in the lift.

4. Gavin takes a keen interest in Danielle (Mili Avital) a perpetually single tenant of the Drake. When Gavin introduces her to an associate of his, we’ll discover that maybe there’s a reason she’s so unlucky in love. When her history is revealed, you’ll get chills — we certainly did.

5. Cliffhanger! The episode ends on a scary note. Let’s just say we really think Jane should see her doctor and start taking a sedative to keep her in bed at night. Really.

Tune in tonight — Sunday, Oct. 7 — at 10 p.m. on ABC after a new episode of “Reveng

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie