walter slonopas 666 stamped on w2 man quits job gi 666 stamped W 2 prompts Walter Slonopas to quit his job

A man in Clarksville, Tenn. is unemployed. Not really a surprise, people are unemployed everywhere! However, Walter Slonopas is happy to be without a job. You see, he quit his job last week in order to save his mortal soul.
It wasn’t the job itself that Walter was afraid of, but rather a sign he believes he was given via his income tax forms. The Tennessean reports when Walter received his W-2 form this year, it was labeled 666, the number of the beast. The number appears in the New Testament of the Bible, and is linked to the Antichrist.
“If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he says. This isn’t Walter’s first run in with the number at work. On his first day in this job, vice president of sales and marketing for Revstone Corp., Walter was supposed to be assigned employee number 668. He was mistakenly given 666 instead. When he complained, the number was changed. 
However, a few months later the company changed systems, and Walter was again assigned 666. This time Walter quit his job, but it only lasted a few days. The company apologized, and changed his number yet again.

The third time this happened was just too much for Walter, though. His former company cannot explain how the outside firm that handles their tax forms assigned him with the number.
While his company would love to have him back, it’s not likely. Walter has no intention of returning, as he feels doing so would show he values money over his faith. “God is worth more than money,” he explains. Luckily, he has a wife who understands him. “If my husband makes $10,” Anna Slonopas says, “One goes to God, two go to savings, and we live on seven.”

She might change her tune when she sees how hard it is to live on seven bucks.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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