slurpees 7 Eleven Free Slurpee Day! How to get your slurp onWho doesn’t love a delicious cherry slurpee in the middle of July?

Luckily, July 11 is the birthday of 7-Eleven — (get it? 7/11?) and the chain of convenience stores is giving away free slurpees to help save you from the heat. It’s their 84th anniversary, so you can stop by any of the stores and pick up a 7.11oz slurpee.

We’re not sure why they don’t just spring for the full 8 oz, but we can appreciate the symmetry of the whole thing.

“7-Eleven day and giving away free Slurpee beverages is our way of
thanking customers for their patronage throughout the year and showing
appreciation for their support,” their marketing department says in a press release.

The push is certainly paying off, as 7Eleven has been trending on Twitter and Google all day long. They expect to give away five million slurpees today (and if you stop by your local store before 4 p.m., one of them could be yours) — and they’ll likely enjoy a boost in profits anyway from the extra items people will probably buy once they’re at the store.

So stop by, pick up a slurpee, enjoy it. Throw it on the show choir nerds if you’re a jerk like that.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie