pop culture nuns 7 great movie nuns Jennifer Hudson should research for 'Three Stooges' role

The orphanage in Peter and Bobby Farrelly‘s upcoming “Three Stooges” movie is getting awfully crowded. Deadline reports Jennifer Hudson is set to play Sister Rosemary, joining Jane Lynch‘s Mother Superior and Larry David‘s Mother Mengele.

Now, don’t get us wrong… Hudson is a great actress, and that Academy Award win for “Dreamgirls” was well-deserved. But her limited IMDB credits illustrate that she’s still a little green. So before she starts filming “Stooges,” we have 6 quick references of great movie nuns (and 1 from TV) that should help her get into character:

Julie Andrews, “The Sound of Music”
Speculation has it that Sister Rosemary is the sweet one to the orphaned stooges — and what nun is better with children than Maria? She disarms petulance with song, something that will come easy to Hudson. The only drawback is that she’s really only a nun for the first five minutes.

Carrie Fisher, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”
While not the finest entry in the Jay and Silent Bob oeuvre, the road trip movie does get a lot of all-star cameos — including Fisher as a nun who gives the stoner duo a lift. She probably plays it a bit more caustic than “Stooges” will call for, but it’s important to be well-rounded.

Meryl Streep, “Doubt”
If you’re going the darker route, there’s always Streep’s menacing Sister Aloysius, who accuses a priest of molestation and becomes mentally unhinged in the process.

the town nuns 7 great movie nuns Jennifer Hudson should research for 'Three Stooges' roleBen Affleck, Jeremy Renner & co, “The Town”
Ok, these nuns are creepy and irrelevant, but it’s a great movie.

Mary Tyler Moore, “Change of Habit”
Punny title? Check. Mary Tyler Moore in an uncharacteristically dramatic role? Check. An aging Elvis Presley singing love songs to a nun? Checkcheckcheck. This is recommended viewing for pretty much everyone. (Bonus points for the name “Sister Michelle Gallagher” making us laugh every time it’s uttered for sounding like “Sarah Michelle Gellar.”)

Sally Field, “The Flying Nun”
Fine, it’s actually a TV show. But her wimple doubled as wings. It’s possible the most unique premise in all of pop culture.

Whoopi Goldberg, “Sister Act” & “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit”
With the exception of Julie Andrews, or maybe those actresses who won Oscars for
their nuns, Sister Mary Clarence might be the most iconic of God’s
celluloid brides. And with Whoopi playing a singer playing a nun, it’s a
meta goldmine for Hudson.

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