the lady with 700 cats 700 cats land Florida couple in jail on 47 counts of animal cruelty

A Florida couple have be charged with 47 counts animal cruelty after authorities seized 697 cats from their home.

Not to be confused with Nat Geo star and lawful keeper of 700 cats Lynea Lattanzio (pictured above), Pennie and Steve Lefkowitz had been operating the Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary in High Springs, Florida when the county intervened.

The Gainsville Sun reports that more than 60 of the cats were promptly euthenized for advanced disease, while the remaining felines have been collected and cared for in a local warehouse where they’re being readied for adoption.

As for the Lefkowitzes, MSNBC says they’re free on bail. And Pennie, who spoke about the issue in June, insisted that she and her husband weren’t hoarders. They just wanted to help as many cats as possible.

And, for the record, only 46 of the 47 counts of animal cruelty were for the cats. There was 1 rooster involved. His fate is not known at this time.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell