boeing 787 dreamliner 10 787 10 'Dreamliner' airplane unveiled by Boeing at Paris Air Show

For those looking to fly on an even bigger jet, your time is coming. At the annual Paris Air Show, Boeing unveiled their newest project, the 787-10 “Dreamliner.”
The new jet is the third “Dreamliner” from the company, and its longest. Boeing also says it’s most fuel-efficient jet in the industry, and features a 10,000 nautical mile range. Don’t expect to buy a ticket for it just yet, though. While it has been shown off, Boeing doesn’t expect to go into final assembly on the plane, and begin test flights, until 2017. The first deliveries to airlines should begin in 2018, CNET reports.
Five different carriers have already placed orders for the plane, which will be able to hold between 300 and 330 passengers.
Not one to be outdone, Airbus had a new plane of their own to show off. As Boeing’s big rival, the company used the timing of the air show to have the first flight for their new jet, the A350 XWB. Airbus is touting the plane as one of the most fuel-efficient jets on the market, thanks in part to a fuselage made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic composites. Their new plane began construction in 2009 and will come in three models, one of which can carry up to 350 passengers.
You can see an animation of the 787-10 below:

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