Previously on 90210… Adrianna told Navid she was pregnant and didn't tell Ty (the actual father), Annie and Ethan both got cast in "Antony and Cleopatra" and Ethan was in a car accident on the way to the cast & crew dinner.

I'm trying a new recapping style tonight. It's been working well for me subbing as the Private Practice recapper for the last two weeks and considering the way 90210 is so crazily edited, I think it'll work well here. Let me know how you feel about it!

Annie & Ethan
Annie and her parents find Ethan at the hospital. He's fine, but upset about the girl he hit, Rhonda. She has a collapsed lung but is going to be okay. Ethan comes into her room the next day and apologizes to her and HEY, IT'S JULIE TAYLOR! I heart you, Aimee Teagarden. Everybody watch Friday Night Lights! It's one of the best shows on TV!

Rhonda is nice to him about the accident, until he asks her what school she goes to and she says West Beverly. She's pretty upset that he doesn't even know her face and asks him to leave.

At school, Ethan realizes that he had French with Rhonda and didn't even know it. He wonders to Annie if he should send her something, as Annie wrestles with asking Ms. Casey about why she didn't get cast as Cleopatra. It's boring. Nobody cares why you didn't get cast, Annie.

Ethan comes back to visit Rhonda and is charming and cute. He brings her a DVD player, DVDs and a bunch of snacks. She is a little suspicious and he says he wants to get to know her. I'm immediately rooting for them to get together. She does pick "The Wedding Planner," however, which I cannot forgive. Gross. There are better romantic movies out there. (See: The Cutting Edge, Love, Actually).

Ethan and Rhonda hang out more in the hospital and she talks about her life flashing before her eyes and all she saw were jazz band rehearsals. Ethan says all he saw was a Sportcenter reel. They decide to try new things with their new lease on life.

After school, Annie apologizes to Ms. Casey for Ethan being absent and then asks why she didn't get cast as Cleopatra. Ms. Casey tells her that she has talent but she needs to hone her craft in a class. Annie looks disappointed, but it really wasn't bad advice. Get over yourself, Annie.

Annie actually looks at the classes and says, "Get over yourself," which is nice, and Ethan reminds her there is more to life than theatre. He brings up Rhonda and his "jolt" out of his "bubble" and they fight. It's not terribly interesting. Ethan skips play practice again to hang out with Rhonda.

Once he leaves, she hops out of bed to get the remote and clearly she has been faking how serious her injuries are in order to get his attention. Oooh, devious. Ethan then tells Annie that he's not into the play thing and he doesn't want to do stuff he's not into. Annie is okay with that.

Dixon & Silver

Dixon tells the family that he broke up with Silver, saying that he had

to get out before he got more hurt. He then runs off to his room.

The next day, Dixon and Navid talk about getting over their respective

girls. Navid says he's not going to GET another girl because it took

him 11 years to ask out Adrianna. Awww. Snerk. They try out pick-up

techniques at the Peach Pit and Christina wanders by. She's the lesbian

cheerleader, for those of you who have forgotten. She invites them to a

party and then calls Dixon out on being a tool, which is pretty funny.

Silver comes to the Peach Pit looking for Dixon but is told he asked

off. Dixon is at Christina's party with Navid. Christina introduces

them to a cute girl named Nika. Navid pretty much has verbal diarrhea

all over himself in front of Nika, but she responds with a World of

Warcraft response and he blurts out, "Marry me." She says okay. It's

adorable. And reminds me of many scenes in my life.

Silver shows up at the Wilsons next, but Mrs. Wilson tells her Dixon is

at a party. She heads to said party and spies Navid all cuddly-wuddly

with Nika. Christina then corners Dixon about being over Silver and

Silver has a big old scene at the party. She accuses Christina of not

being a lesbian and can't believe love like Dixon's wouldn't even call

or even care. She storms off and cries and he chases after her. She

says she can't handle watching him with a girl and says, "This being in

love stuff is making me crazy." He asks her if she loves him and she

says that she does. They smooch and she apologizes. Yay for Dixon and


Adrianna's Mess
I Moan harangues Adrianna into telling Ty. He is stunned and immediately brings up abortion. Nice. Very considerate. She tells him it's too late for that and then wanders off as he starts to cry.

I Moan and Adrianna eat mac-n-cheese on Adrianna's bed and talk about whether Add should tell her mom or not. Adrianna laments that "[She] just got over being rehab girl, now [she has] to be pregnant girl." Heh heh. Her mom comes home and doesn't care about the school play but is pissed she didn't get the national toothpaste commercial. Nice, mommie dearest.

The next day, Adrianna runs into Ty at the Peach Pit and he's much nicer, apologizing for his initial reaction to the news. That's actually really decent of him, I'm surprised. He asks how she's feeling and he says he talked to his parents. She balks a little at that (because clearly her mom sucks), but he says his parents are ready to help them figure it out. She lies and says her mom said the same thing. He then invites them both over for dinner and she reluctantly agrees. He's super-charming and nice, I'm very confused. And suspicious.

Dinner at Ty's House. His parents are nice, with her mom insisting Adrianna call her Weezy. I'm not sure why; that makes me think of Harry Potter. Anyway. Adrianna makes up an excuse about why her mom isn't there and they invite her to sit down. They then jump RIGHT into the pregnancy talk, telling her they are sending her to their doctor and paying for everything and whatnot.

At the doctor, they order an amnio to test for traces of drugs and they do an ultrasound. Adrianna starts to cry and she and Weezy hold hands. Afterwards, Weezy gives her a brochure about a place she can go in New Mexico once she starts to show and an agreement for her mother to sign about the adoption process. Adrianna balks a little at that, but I don't really see what other choice she has.

Adrianna and I Moan peruse the Pregnancy Ranch brochure as I Moan reads the confidentiality agreement. It basically tells Adrianna that she can't talk about the pregnancy AT ALL. Adrianna is just relieved to finally have a plan (because her mom sucks so badly) but I Moan is leery.

The next day, Weezy shows up to talk to Adrianna's mom about the adoption agreement. Adrianna's mom doesn't even know about the pregnancy yet. Yikes. Adrianna and her mom do a decent job of not letting on that they haven't spoken about it yet, but Adrianna says she's not sure about giving her baby up for adoption yet.

Weezy gets a little harsh with her about her drug problem and her mom jumps in with, "Adrianna, stop talking. My daughter is someone who has been bringing home a paycheck since she was 5 years old. Someone who didn't know how to ride a bicycle, but when a role demanded that she ride one, she learned in an hour. And yes, she had a drug problem. But she also kicked that drug problem and cleaned herself up and stayed in school and got the lead in the play. So let's just be clear: she is very responsible. And listen to me: this is not your choice, it's hers." Interesting. Not a bad little speech, though it certainly doesn't make up for the way she has treated Adrianna.

Weezy sees through the speech, saying that her mom didn't even know she was pregnant 5 minutes ago. She says Adrianna's child should have a better life than she had and Adrianna's mother kicks Weezy the eff out of her house, asking Adrianna for some time to think. Hmm.

They talk later and Adrianna's mother apologizes to her for being such a crap mom. Adrianna tells her that she's done good stuff, too, but that she hates being seen as a cash machine. Her mom tells her how much she liked acting and how good she was at it, but that she understands why she wouldn't tell her about the baby. Her mom tells her they are in this together with the baby. Awww.

The next day at school Ty is no longer the sweet guy, insisting on a paternity test and whatnot. She tells him off and looks for Navid, who is in a computer lab with Aneeqa. She asks for a favor and then over the school's PA system comes an announcement by Adrianna, "Hey everyone. I'm Adrianna Tate-Duncan and I have something to announce. Because you'll all know soon enough and I really can't deal with all the behind-the-back whispering. So this way you can all be shocked at once and hopefully you'll be able to deal with it like I'm doing. So anyway… I'm pregnant and yes, it was during my drug period, which you all clearly know about. So that's about it folks. And as for the father? There isn't one. It was an immaculate conception." Navid is floored at her balls and looks all smitten again.

Okay, raise your hand if you think Adrianna is the best character on this show? [Raises hand] I love her. I'm very excited for Valentine's Day on 90210 next week.

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