90210 adrianna gia '90210': Bring on the girl girl action!There’s a whole lot of coupling — and uncoupling, and staying together — happening on “90210,” including the long-awaited budding relationship between Gia and Adrianna.

Adrianna and Gia: First of all, I have to say that despite all of the titillating promos and sweeps-style ratings ploys that this storyline promised — especially this week — the show handled this relationship incredibly well. It was sweet and awkward and the emotions felt both real and appropriately teenaged, and frankly, I was amazed. So hats off to you, writers and producers.

Last week Gia confessed her crush to Adrianna, and Ade had absolutely no idea how to handle it. So she avoided Gia whenever she saw her, until Gia called her on it and Ade seemed to get past it. Then as the two watched an old Clark Gable movie, Adrianna began to consider what it would be like to date Gia, and she wasn’t turned off. She wasn’t entirely turned on, either; she was mostly confused.

But bit by bit, Adrianna puts things together. She turns to Silver and Naomi, who are surprisingly supportive (“If I’m having these feelings for a girl, does that mean I’m gay?” “A little gay.”), and tries to figure out how she feels from a book on female sexuality. Aw. The most defining piece, though, is their collective discussion about what it means to be gay, whether or not a person is born gay, and whether there’s a continuum of sexuality that we’re all on. And nobody comes off as if they know all of the answers. This from the show that brought you the whole “we’re not allowed to show you this” on the promos.

Anyway, Gia suggests that they try a kiss and see what happens, and Ade likes it. Then they decide to go on a date. Yay girls!

Naomi and The Blaze:
There’s a new faculty advisor for The Blaze, Mr. Cannon, who lets Naomi know in no uncertain terms with his English accent that he finds her rudeness and her penchant for tabloidization charming. And he kicks here off The Blaze. After she gets down off her rude horse and begs to be reinstated, saying she’d do anything to get back on. He freezes her in her tracks, asking if she’s offering to sleep with him, which she denies (it definitely doesn’t come off that way to me). He tells her it would be inappropriate and that she’s still off The Blaze. Naomi, being a massive lying (albeit pretty funny) drama queen after her friends are totally unsympathetic, tells everyone a made-up story that he told her she’d have to sleep with him to get back on, and gives a hilariously incoherent speech to her cohorts, urging a strike until she’s reinstated. She eventually is, but since Silver, Ade, and Liam are all urging her to go after the teacher for his come-on, something’s surely coming up the pike.

Liam: After Annie shakes the creepy Jasper off for the millionth time, Liam gives her a ride home and they happen to see Liam’s stepfather (John Schneider) having a gropey makeout session with some blonde woman and the Reg Bev Wil. An angry Liam outs Bo Duke to his mother when he gets home, and is shocked and disappointed when she decides to stay with her husband. Liam ends up staying with Naomi, whose experience with her own parents actually makes her a perfect ally. Annie also keeps checking up on Liam, which is bound to cause some trouble.

Annie and Jasper:
Annie remains utterly creeped out by Jasper and tells him, emphatically, to get lost (finally). Then he calls, basically threatening to off himself, but since it’s the last scene of the episode we don’t see whether he’s really about to jump from something or if he’s just skulking outside her bedroom window.

Silver and Teddy: Silver’s still trying to get back into Teddy’s good graces after her fit of jealousy last week, but he’s still skeptical. She plays it cool when Teddy ends up going to the movies with an old flame they run into at the beach club, and practically chokes when she learns that they blew off the movie and went partying. In the end, Silver goes to Teddy and admits she was jealous. Teddy admits that he’s scared his apple won’t fall far from his father’s philandering tree, and he doesn’t want to hurt her. But Silver says she trusts him, and everything ends up alright. Not what I was expecting, and a nice twist.

Dixon and Dana: Dixon and Dana continue bonding over March Madness (good thing you didn’t make that bet on Villanova, Dixon), and as Dixon becomes more used to having her around, Dana reveals that she’s got to get back to Phoenix and back to work. Dixon blows them off on what was supposed to be their last afternoon hanging out together, and as Dana leaves the restaurant alone, she spots Debbie across the street having coffee with her yoga instructor, Kai. Surely you saw this coming, as Kai leans in to plant one on Debbie — which of course Dana sees. But Debbie’s appalled, insists to Kai that she’s married, and storms off.

Dana meets up with Dixon, and explains that she really wants to be a part of Dixon’s life, and that she always was thinking of him. She didn’t reach out because she didn’t want to confuse things for him, she said, but she’ll stay in touch now. They make up, and she gives him half the winnings plus some extra from a bet they made. I still think something’s going to come out of the gambling, but given that I was braced for Dana to try to shake the kid down, I was again pleasantly surprised.

Dana also tells Debbie what she saw, and Debbie explains what happened and that she plans to tell Harry. Dana suggests that maybe that’s not the best idea, given how tension in marriages can trickle down to the kids. Again, a scene remarkable for its lack of defensiveness.

Navid and Lila:
They’re barely in the episode this week, but they’re adorable nonetheless.  

What did you think? How will Gia and Adrianna do as a couple? Do you like how their story unfolded? Will Teddy be able to be decent to Silver? What do you think will happen to expose Naomi’s lie?

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Posted by:Lisa Todorovich