tristanwilds2 90210 s2 290 '90210': Dixon is a baby daddyTonight on “90210,” Dixon gets Sasha pregnant and there is an excellent running joke involving Liam’s Halloween “costume.”

What’s the beachy music that opened the show? I really like it. Email me if you know.

Annie & Jasper
Okay, these two are totally cute together but how EFFED UP is it that
she’s canoodling with her hit-and-run victim’s nephew? Anyway, Jasper asks Annie to
be in his movie and she agrees. At home, Dixon says Jasper seems a
little sketchy and Annie says Dixon is the one who’s sketchy. She knows
he’s been sneaking out at night.

Jasper takes Annie to the beach club to shoot a movie scene. Annie is supposed to “borrow” a car and take it for a joyride. Annie balks so Jasper totally guilts her into it. They speed off into the night in a white Bentley. Oh wow.

Naomi & Richard
Naomi keeps up her charade of romancing the dean’s son, even though
she’s totally hot for his roommate Jamie. She and Jamie end up bonding
and he wants to kiss her, but he won’t as long as she’s dating his
roommate. Well, Jamie just went up several notches in my book.

Naomi ends up seeing Liam flirting with a new girl so she breaks up with Richard and asks Jamie on a date to help her get over Liam.

Ivy, Liam & Sparkage
There’s a new girl on the block at West Bev. Her name is Ivy and she meets Liam by slamming into his car in the beach parking lot. It turns out she’s the newest Surf Team member. They fight and snark and stuff, she beats him at the big Surf Meet. Then at the Halloween party they get into an impromptu surf-off, which Liam wins but they become friends. I predict they are having sex within two episodes. Of course, Naomi sees them bonding and looks all teary-eyed. Naomi needs to figure it out, ugh. You can’t have Richard and his roommate and Liam.

The Wilsons
Harry is acting like his calling Debbie “Kelly” was an honest mistake. As my boyfriend points out, he called her Kelly while she was handing him a beverage, not while he was on top of her. I just hate this whole stupid storyline. It feels ridiculously contrived. I like Harry and I like Kelly and I think Rob Estes and Jennie Garth have good chemistry, but I would’ve preferred they had him as a single dad being conflicted about feelings for a colleague, rather than introducing some mythical “problems at home” that we’ve never seen and making up a love triangle.

I thought it couldn’t get any worse, until I see Harry’s Barack Obama Halloween mask. Oh lord. Kelly asks Harry to lend an ear to her problems and he lies about it to Debbie, saying he’s swamped at work and can’t meet her for lunch. So she brings him lunch and catches him eating with Kelly. Now, on the one hand… he did lie and lying is bad. On the other hand… you caught him eating lunch, Debbie. Not eating Kelly. Dial it back a little.

At home, Harry tries to explain but Debbie is having none of it She insists that Kelly likes him or she wouldn’t be going to her married boss with her problems. Well, that… or Kelly and Harry are friends dating back to their childhood, which was established in season one! OH MY GOD! However, Kelly calls and Harry says that Debbie thinks she has a crush on him and Kelly denies it in a really unbelievable way. Sigh.

The Silvers

Silver is taking care of Jackie and Kelly is still being pretty bitchy.  Meanwhile, Silver gets paired with Teddy for a school assignment and is none too happy about it.  She says she’s going to do the project and she’ll put Teddy’s name on it, but then when she forgets to do it Teddy takes the heat even though he is penalized a whole letter grade. Silver looks dismayed.

Her friends are concerned that she’s taken on too much responsibility and she won’t listen.  Ade and Naomi feel bad for possibly overstepping their bounds. Teddy overhears them and is shocked to find out Silver’s mom has cancer. He shows up at school to help Silver on the project (after being a Dracula-Cha-Cha-from-Grease for the surf-off between Liam and Ivy) and offers to let her talk about things because his mom died three years ago and he knows what she’s going through.

Turns out he went back east to help take care of his mom and he sympathizes with her how she feels like she has to help. She’s also totally overwhelmed and says sometimes she just wants to scream. So Teddy shows her how he used to blow off team and they go hit tennis balls against a wall really hard. These two could be cute together, especially if all he wanted from Ade was a fling but he falls for Silver. Oooh, drama.

Dixon & Thrice Statutory Rapist Sasha
They have to stay in because Sasha doesn’t want to get in “real
trouble.” Perhaps you should’ve thought of that before you slept with a
junior in HIGH SCHOOL, SASHA. Dixon keeps being late to Surf Team
practice because of hanging out with Sasha and almost gets kicked off.

When she asks him to come over in lieu of going to a “high school
Halloween party,” I want to smack her. He has friends, lady. His whole
world does not revolve around your va-jay-jay. Dixon realizes just that and
breaks up with her.  She’s totally self-righteous about it, acting like
DIxon is some charlatan who sucked her in with his slick words and is
now changing his tune. OR he just wants a girl he can be in public with
and you’re acting like he’s your private sex slave. PLUS you’re a felon, SASHA. UGH.

Sasha shows up at the Halloween party to drop a bomb on Dixon: she’s
pregnant. OH SNAP! Didn’t see that one coming ’til the final frame.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I was totally unspoiled for Dixon and Sasha, what a great twist. It’s like things just got good.
  • I’m still mad about the Harry-Debbie-Kelly thing, however.
  • I like the possible drama of Teddy and Silver bonding and him falling for her after he just told Adrianna he wanted a fling.
  • liam1 '90210': Dixon is a baby daddyDixon: You a farmer?
    Liam: What?
    Dixon: Your Halloween costume.
    Liam: I’m not wearing a Halloween costume
    Girl: So my friends and I couldn’t decide… are you supposed to be Johnny Depp or a Jonas brother?
    Guy: You’re Rob Pattinson, right? I could tell ’cause of your messy hair.

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