Donna came to visit with Baby Ruby, Dixon found his bio mom but chickened out and Ethan and Liam became BFFs, much to I Moan's consternation.

Okay guys, this episode is all over the place. Many, many storylines covered, so I apologize if the recap is a little scattered. It's a good episode, though. It's too bad they just couldn't get all the originals and just do a grown-up "90210."

Donna and Kelly
They go to a psychic to see if Donna should stay in Beverly Hills. Her name is Madame Flannigan. One of those gypsies by way of the UK, I guess. Kelly is told that she's going to meet a man with a six pack. So Mr. Matthews with some Bud Light?

When Donna and Kelly want to go out for a girls night, they get inadvertently sent to a lesbian bar called "Truck Stop." Hee! The way they are hanging all over each other makes me wonder if a lot of male tv-watchers are going to be mad they don't watch this show. As the two drunk faux-lesbians stagger their way home, Donna spies a store for lease that is perfect for her fashions. I hope she comes back as a regular!

When Donna tells David, he wants a schedule to shuttle Ruby back and forth between Japan. Donna is crushed that he's willing to just give her up like that, but she goes ahead with the store opening like the strong, awesome lady she is.

At the store opening, when Kelly runs across the street for more food for the store opening, she runs into Mr. Matthews carrying a six pack of beer. Oh my gosh, I am SO SURPRISED! It's not Bud Light, though, so I guess I'm no psychic. They leave together to have wild monkey sex.

The Wilsons
It's Garage Sale Day at the mansion and Harry is wearing a ginger-haired golf hat and speaking with a horrible Scottish accent and it's delighful. But he then has to break the news that I Moan's dad is being sued for sexual harassment by a West Bev student's mom. Annie looks sad (or I think that's what Shanae Grimes is doing). There's also a tiny side-plot revolving around BIg Mouth Billy Bass and Rob Estes lip syncing "Take Me to the River." He is so great, more Rob Estes!

I Moan & Annie
I Moan's father says she has to come home from the hotel for his lawsuit to present a unified front, which she hates. She also hates that Annie knew about the lawsuit and didn't say anything, Annie apologizes and I Moan agrees to come live with the Wilsons now that she can't stay in the hotel. They engage in a Foosball Death Match, it's pretty cute. I like those two together.

Ethan & Liam & Silver & Dixon

Turns out Liam has Ethan skipping class already and Mr. Matthews gives him detention. That's all. Silver's video made its way to YouTube. But I wouldn't worry about it,

Silver. The internet is just a fad.

At the store opening, Ethan and Silver hang out together and there's some sparkage. She also confides she is enrolling at St. Claire's instead of coming back to West Bev. Meanwhile, I Moan and Liam get it on by his car, right after I Moan tells him she won't be his booty call. Way to stick to your guns, I Moan.

Adrianna & Navid

Navid helps Adrianna pick out the adoptive parents for her baby. They

interview a couple who seems really great but Adrianna is hesitant. She

wants to keep the baby because she doesn't want to miss all the great

kid stuff. Navid wants to help her. They exchange "I love yous" and he

says they should get married and she agrees. Oh my lord. It's adorable, but this has Bad Idea Bears written all over it.

Navid and Adrianna getting married and raising her baby…(polls)

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