" Q&A? In honor of tonight's finale? Done.

Judging by your interview with the girl who plays Naomi's sister, plus the finale promos, I'm guessing Jen sleeps with Liam this week. Am I right? -Marla
The promos made that pretty obvious, no? Yeah, Naomi's sister was starting to seem a bit tame, but during tonight's season ender, her evil nature will become apparent… And it's all because little sis tried to put her in her place, just as Sara Foster said she would.

Brenda's back! Brenda's back! The best (and only) reason to watch "90210"! So, tell me, she's adopting Adrianna's baby, right? -Jules

Korbi, Is it true that Jim Walsh returns for the "90210" season finale? I'm hearing this rumor everywhere. Is he the person dying or what? -Kate
James Eckhouse
is not appearing in the season finale and Jim Walsh is not dying. But when you watch tonight's hour, you'll understand why this scuttlebutt was started.

Sex, drugs & death. That's what I heard will happen on the "90210" finale. So give us a clue! -P
Well, the sex we've already covered (see above). The death? I think it's sort of an end-of-season cliffhanger-type thing. And the drugs? The last two characters you'd expect to see stoned are getting super high tonight.

I'm going to miss Ethan next year. How is he written out of the show? -Greg
Um, he's not. Not really. I mean, he does have a big moment during the season finale… one involving Silver of course… But there's no official "see ya" for him. Not yet anyway.

Why is "90210" getting rid of Ethan? Dustin Milligan is great. If they have to dump someone, why not Shenae Grimes?!! -Patty
Oh, that's not nice, now is it? No, but if you ain't an Annie fan, you're going to really like her last couple scenes this evening…

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