90210 cw bachelors 320 '90210': Half brothers, half dressed bachelors, full on gay slur

Well, “90210” took a dark turn for several of its characters in Monday’s Oct. 4 episode, which, obviously, keeps us still very much invested in this season. Drama is best found when the stakes are high and that’s exactly where we find most of our teens this week.
Liam’s half-brother: We, of course, knew this was going to happen and that whatever beef that Liam (Matt Lanter) had with his brother, Charlie (played by Evan Ross), would be complicated by a love triangle with Annie (Shenae Grimes). While we’re still unsure whether we’re down with Liam and Annie getting together, we’re not complaining about Liam’s methods for getting her attention… He can be shirtless anytime he’d like, in our opinion.

90210 cw bachelors charlie annie '90210': Half brothers, half dressed bachelors, full on gay slur

Since we’re on the subject of shirtless: Was that the most broke down strip routine you’ve ever seen? Hot mess only begins to describe it. Shirtless or not, they could have given us a better show. It’s “90210”! Realism is not expected.
While Annie is fending off half-brothers, Teddy (Trevor Donovan) is offending the gays. We’re NEVER happy to hear the offensive gay slur that starts with an “F” — especially when high school kids (and many adults, who should know better) use it flippantly to describe things they hate — but we understand the purpose here. Teddy is going through denial of his gay feelings. So, much like a chick that violently destroys the egg that surrounds it while it’s hatching, Teddy must throw punches at the world around him until he’s able to feel comfortable buying a Lady Gaga CD in public. We hope the lesson that viewers take away from the scene is that most violent homophobes who use the “F” word are in fact probably gay themselves. For safety’s sake, we still think you should stay away from them until they transition into a full gay or go to college where the transition occurs at a faster rate.
In the end, we think “90210” will make up for the gay slur as Teddy’s storyline continues to unfold.
Other OMG moments:
– We were the first to report that Sasha (“Undercovers” Mekia Cox) would be returning to cause trouble and she certainly did shake up Dixon’s (Tristan Wilds) world when she told him she has HIV. Suddenly, Ivy’s (Gillian Zinser) virginity seems the least of his worries. We don’t think he’ll be telling her right away. That will make her insecure and Oscar (Blair Redford) will have another chance to do his dirty work.
– We were wrong that Ade’s (Jessica Lowndes) singing career would come to an end, weren’t we? This story is better. We think the only way to resolve it is for Ade to kill Javier’s uncle, right? (We’re kidding, by the way, but not really.)
– Yay for girl power! We can’t wait for Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and company’s plan to take Mr. Cannon down. We’re thinking they’ll pull a “bait and switch” scenario, right? 
Are you hanging in there with the dark turns?
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