It’s mid August. Fall is fast approaching and most of our favorite series have begun filming their new seasons. Figured it’s a good time to start fielding your questions again…

90210“! What can you tell me about my Kelly Taylor? She’s not getting back with Ryan, is she? -Elisabeth
Not anytime soon, no. Ryan’s preoccupied with that witch, Jen Clark, right now. Kelly, however, has a new crush too. Seems her rumored feelings for Harry Wilson are the real thing. I’m told K.T. will big time struggle with her attraction to West Bev’s married principal this fall.

Thanks for the scoop on Jackie Taylor returning to “90210.” I am definitely one of the old school fans who thinks the more veteran characters, the better! -Renay
I feel you on that. Unfortunately, I’m hearing everyone’s favorite former TV cokehead may not be long for this world. Word is, Jackie Taylor is sick. Very, very sick. And I guess she just really wants to reconcile with her daughters before it’s too late.

LOVED your “How I Met Your Mother” videos last week! Please do more of those! So great to hear that Barney and Robin will be making out like maniacs!! What else can you tell me? -Sarah
I can tell you that, though Barney is quite invested in making a relationship with Robin work, it won’t be easy for him. At all. And it’s not really about being faithful. It’s more about the fact that Barney doesn’t know how to do “loving boyfriend” guy. In fact, he’s actually going to enlist the help of Professor Ted to educate him on “Robin 101″… which will inevitably end up making things worse I’m sure.

” interview with Mark Schwahn and Sophia Bush. I was so sure that Rachel and Dan were going to be together and have a baby, but I’m really relieved to hear that’s not happening. -Sal

Yeah, Mark definitely said the Rachel-Dan baby scenario is untrue. But that doesn’t mean Rachel and Dan won’t be together. Actually, I’m pretty sure they’ll be sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G this season…


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