ivy naomi girl fight 90210 '90210': Ivy vs. Naomi 'Girl Fight'    plus other classic TV girl brawlsOn the Tuesday, March 16 episode of “90210,” things come to a head over Liam as Ivy and Naomi have a sand-rolling beach brawl.

Naomi puts up a better fight than you’d expect! She takes down surfer girl Ivy with a flying tackle. It got us thinking … what are some other good TV girl fights?

No. 5 Rachel and Monica,”Friends”

In “Friends” 10 years on screen, most of the good fights were verbal, not physical. But this season 2 fisticuffs between Monica and Rachel is classic, not in the least because it’s over Jean Claude Van Damme. Also, Phoebe wins!

No. 4 Laura and Nellie, “Little House on the Prairie”

Who doesn’t love a good prairie altercation? Those pioneer girls were just as tough as the throw-you-into-a-pool women that are on TV today. And that little witch Nellie really had it coming. 

No. 3 Jane and Sydney, “Melrose Place”

Speaking of throw-you-into-a-pool, it’s hard to choose just one fight from the original “Melrose,” but we think this one is the best — not only because a wedding dress is involved, but also because nobody fights like sisters!

No. 2 Blair and Serena, “Gossip Girl”

They may be friends now but back when it was Yale or Bust, Blair and Serena had a classic knock down, drag out — at the Dean’s house. Classy, Upper East Siders.

No. 1 Alexis and Krystle, “Dynasty”

It doesn’t get any better than the original fighting ladies from “Dynasty,” especially since (totally fake) punches are thrown.

DId we include your favorite TV girl fights? Verbal sparring doesn’t count — we want hair pulling, slapping and rolling around on the ground and/or the pool.

Look for the Ivy vs. Naomi thunderdome on “90210” Tuesday, March 16 on the CW at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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