ann gillespie '90210': Jackie Tayor has cancerTonight on “90210,” Jackie Taylor reaches out to her daughter Silver… because she has cancer.

Silver & Jackie
After spying her daughter at an AA meeting (for Adrianna), Jackie reaches out to Silver in the form of a car. Silver shows up at Jackie’s AA meeting to humiliate her in front of all her peers and storms out, telling Jackie she is dead to Silver. Which leads Jackie to call Ade and tell her that she has cancer, which Ade relays to a stunned SIlver.

Annie & Creepy Nephew
The creepy nephew of the guy Annie hit with her car is still hanging around, talking to her about “Metropolis” and taking her to see a band. There is obviously a romance brewing, which is totally interesting, but not enough of the plot this week to dwell on.

Liam, Naomi & “CU”
Naomi desperately wants to go to “CU,” a fake university in California. I guess “90210” doesn’t have the clout the “West Wing” had to use a real university’s name. Anyway, Naomi befriends the Dean’s son because her test scores aren’t good enough to get in there and Liam thinks she has moved on, causing him to delete the audio file of her sister Jen admitting she slept with Liam. Wuss.

Ade, Navid, & Teddy
Navid is King of the World after having slept with Ade, which he does not hide from Teddy. Teddy then stages a double date with his good buddy Navid and kisses Ade when they both go use the bathroom. Nice. Ade doesn’t know what to do and Silver knows about the Teddy kiss

Dixon & Statutory Rapist Sasha
Sasha follows Debbie to her mani/pedi and learns that Debbie is Dixon’s “mom.” HAHAHA! She then is charmed by underage Dixon and ends up sleeping with him. Classy.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Liam deleted the audio file? Are you kidding me? This has gone on long enough. Ugh.
  • Navid’s  “I just had sex” walk through the school halls is priceless. I wish it had been set to “Stayin’ Alive.” What a pimp.
  • I love love love Teddy, Navid, Dixon and Liam hanging out together and being buddies. If we could just get Naomi, Annie, Silver and Ade together I’d be all set it. It would totally be vintage “90210.”
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