90210 navid dixon club '90210': Javier + Adrianna = JaviannaSometimes you have to fight for love, sometimes you have to sacrifice for it, and sometimes you end up as one half of a cheesy-named couple. We get all of the above on “90210.”

Navid, Adrianna and Javier: Adrianna’s romance with Latin teen heartthrob Javier is off to a running start, and she seems happy — even though she’s totally into Navid. Not that she’d admit it. Navid, meanwhile, has broken up with Lila but after a week still hasn’t quite manned up enough to tell Ade how he feels, even despite his friends’ urging. So he does what all of us do: he broods, he simmers, he looks at Hollywood tabloid web sites to see pictures of his love with someone else. Which stings doubly after Navid, who was waiting for Ade outside school with a bunch of tulips, gets totally shown up by Javier, who pulls up in a big limo (thank you, producers, for not making it a stretch Hummer), a big bunch of flowers and a dress and shoes picked out by his assistant. He whisks Adrianna off for a special night, complete with a serenade that only Enrique Iglesias could pull it off, because let’s face it, he’s an Iglesias. Navid’s confidence is shaken so badly that he evidently forgets that he’s a rich kid who could do some serious whisking away himself.

Navid tries so hard to play it cool that he completely outs his knowledge of “Javianna” when Ade invites him to her first solo show, and mopes to Dixon that he could never compete with Javier, noting that his singing voice is so bad his rabbi made him lip-synch at his bar mitzvah (isn’t Navid Persian?). Javier comes to with Adrianna good luck at her show before leaving for a gig in New York, and Adrianna gets out there on stage and does indeed knock ’em dead. Navid shows up determined to win her back, bucked up by Dixon’s assurance that he has something no one else has: a history with Adrianna. He shows up with a lovely Tiffany’s charm bracelet in tow, determined to woo Ade by leaving it in her dressing room and having him meet her on the roof, a la “An Affair to Remember.”

But Javier turns up, saying he just couldn’t leave because Ade was so great, and whisks her off to his gig in New York so they can perform their duet onstage. Navid, from his perch on the roof, sees them leave below, and hears Javier tell the crowd that they’re headed off to New York. Poor kid. But she’ll be back. Ade pretty much gave herself away earlier when she found out that Navid and Lila had broken up, but put up a defense saying that if Navid was interested, he’d have gotten in touch by now. I almost feel sorry for poor Javier in this scenario.

Jen and Naomi (and some Liam): Jen’s back with a vengeance and making Naomi’s life hell, putting her on a fiscal austerity plan and forcing her to drive a metallic pea Pinto, for heaven’s sake, when she sends Naomi’s Mercedes back. In mid-pout over Jen cutting up her credit cards, Naomi answers Jen’s phone and ends up talking to a mysterious Jay Boyd, and Jen snaps that it’s none of Naomi’s business who he is.

Naomi wails to Liam about how she’s poor and has nothing to live for — apparently only for six months, though, until she turns 18. And Naomi, predictably, is all about herself and not there at all for Liam, who needs to talk about how his dad abandoned him, taking off with the three valuable dimes from his jerk stepfather’s coin collection. On top of it, his mother fired the housekeeper, accusing her of the theft. Naomi snaps out of it and goes to see Liam, apologizing for being so wrapped up and promising to be there for him. Which works until they’re on the phone and she sees Jen and a guy duck into an office. Naomi gives Liam short shrift and follows Jen and a guy who turns out to be her assistant, Leo, into the office of Jay Boyd, M.D., who turns out to be Jen’s obstetrician. That’s right, she’s spawning — and showing! a lot! — and I’d be willing to wager that there’s a chance the baby is Mr. Matthews’. (Even if the math isn’t exactly right, it’s TV — they’ll find a way.) D’oh!

But other damage is happening too. Naomi’s periods of indifference are making Liam turn to Annie, who’s remarkably back to her old self and a good friend to boot as they work on a project for school.

Annie and Jasper: In fact, Annie’s head space is remarkably clear, even when she runs into Jasper at school. He’s out of the hospital and his doctors say he’s ready to be re-assimilated into West Beverly life. The first thing he does is apologize to Annie, admitting that he took advantage of her guilt over his uncle, fell in love, got obsessive and panicked. He asks if she can forgive him, and if they can be friends. Annie tells Jasper she has forgiven him, but they can’t be friends because too much has happened. And she has this entire conversation without once making the “something’s smelly in here” face. Bravo, Annie. She even comes to Jasper’s defense when the same pack of jerks who gave Dixon a hard time last week come to taunt him — apparently even West Beverly needs a resident pack of predictable hoodlums.

But as it turns out, all is not calm. While she and Liam work on their project, he inadvertently pulls up the document where she began writing her confession to her parents about Jasper’s uncle. She panics, and it’s clear that it’s not over yet.

Teddy, Silver and Teddy’s Dad: Teddy’s training for a huge match, and he and Silver are all over one another because he didn’t break up with her like his father told him to. Well done, Teddy — your doppelganger Steve Sanders probably wouldn’t have had as much integrity at your age. At practice, Spence tells Teddy again that he should break up with Silver, and lays on the old “I thought you’d be my one kid who’d amount to something” speech. Teddy essentially tells him to buzz off, heads to Silver’s house, and they go All The Way. Later, and totally because it’s Ryan O’Neal, it rings just a little too Oliver Barrett vs. his dad in “Love Story” for my taste when he goes to Silver and offers her $100,000, then $150,000 to get out of Teddy’s life. She sends him packing, but when Teddy blows his tournament she feels awful and ends up breaking up with him. If only they’d given Silver actual dresses to wear rather than the very short nightgowns she seems to be traipsing around in, she might have a hem to dab her tears with.

Dixon and Ivy: Dixon and Ivy are all moony over one another, and she invites him to join her and her mom in Australia for the summer. Back at home, Harry totally shuts the idea down, saying Dixon doesn’t deserve a trip, but Debbie’s determined that she and Harry not let their issues play out for Dixon, and promises that they’ll discuss it. She argues for Dixon to be able to go, provided he comes up with the money for his own ticket. So Dixon’s off to the races, selling stuff including his iPod to get the cash, which makes Ivy freak out a little, because Australia’s a long way off and the summer’s a long time and what if they don’t get along because now this suddenly is starting to feel like a really big deal. So she picks a fight and forces a breakup at Adrianna’s show.

Dixon and Silver get drunk and commiserate over their breakups, end up making out a little and then go back to being friends. After Ivy’s mom calls her bluff about picking a fight and sabotaging her relationship, Ivy finds Dixon and apologizes, and they get back together.

But at home it’s not as simple. Harry asks Dixon if he really thinks he deserves to go on that trip, and tells him that Debbie only said yes because she doesn’t know about the gambling debts and the vandalism. Debbie, angry, overhears the conversation and asks Harry to enlighten her.

What did you think? Is Jen going to get hers? Will Teddy and his dad resolve their fight over Silver? Will Naomi and Liam stay together, or will he cozy up to Annie? What’s next with Jasper?

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Posted by:Lisa Todorovich