90210 lanter stroup steeger cw '90210': Matt Lanter talks about Liam's bizarre love triangle

Matt Lanter needs a hug.

It’s been a tough season for the “90210” hunk, specifically as it relates to his character’s love life. Liam started off Season 4 of the teen drama with a twice-rejected marriage proposal and it just got worse from there. But now Lanter’s character finds himself in a completely unexpected love triangle that will make things rough for the foreseeable future.

The trouble started after Silver (Jessica Stroup) learns she has a cancer gene. Looking for comfort, she momentarily finds it in the arms (and bed) of Liam. Thinking she’s made a terrible error, she runs back to Navid (Michael Steger), this despite proclamations from Liam that he has feelings for her.

“It’s kind of an interesting situation all around,” Lanter explains. “Silver is kind of caught between both of these guys. [She has] history with Navid but it’s kind of like the new thing that feels good with Liam. But unfortunately she can’t deal with that in a kind of logical way or how a typical 20-year old or 19-year old might because she has so much on her plate.”

Lanter explains that on Tuesday’s (May 1) episode, the suspicion and tension between Liam and Navid will boil over and fisticuffs will break out between the two. He adds that it happens at the most inopportune time – at a red carpet event for Liam’s newest film.

But while boys will be boys, Lanter explains there are larger issues at play.

“For the guys it’s kind of like…they’re just each crushing on this girl and wanting to be with this girl, but she’s got so many other decisions,” Lanter says.

As for Liam’s love life, Lanter is hopeful that it works out with Silver or anybody for that matter.

“I just want Liam to find a solid love interest, at least for a while,” Lanter says.

Posted by:David Eckstein