Ethan and Annie were done, I Moan found a new drag-racing boy toy and Silver's bipolar disorder manifested itself in the form of a porno. Will Dixon stand by her even after her sex tape? Let's find out!

Silver & Kelly
Kelly has gone overboard with the whole not-being-an-alky-crazypants-mom like Jackie Taylor, keeping Silver on a pretty short leash. Silver tells Dixon to have fun on spring break without her. All seems pretty Nurse Ratched at the Taylor household… until Donna Martin shows up with baby Ruby!!! WOO HOO!

Turns out Donna is very big fashion designer in Japan. Heh heh. Kelly and Donna slip right back into being comfy BFFs. At lunch, Diablo Cody gets her cameo in admiring Donna's dress and the inklings of Donna's Beverly Hills store are born.

Kelly totally stomps on Silver assisting Donna in the Diablo Cody Styling, which is super crappy of her. At the premiere, Donna gets caught on camera and is so totally vintage Donna, going, "Hi everybody!" and flitting away. It's adorable.

Back at home, Kelly agrees to ease up on Silver and let her have some spontanaety in her life and Donna brings Diablo over to meet Silver. Happily ever after. Or is it? After Silver's in bed, Donna confesses that she's separated from David.

Dixon & Annie
Dixon gets Annie to agree to a bro/sis road trip for spring break in Arizona, all the while telling their parents they're at Granny's house in Palm Springs. I love the sibling bonding. But Dixon has alterior motives. They're going to see his birth mother.

Dixon comes clean with Annie and says that he needs to apologize to his mom because when she went "crazy," he chose adoption over her. Now that he's seen Silver and is a little more grown-up, he wants to check on her and apologize. Oh man. Tristan Wilds just killed that scene! Excellent stuff.

When they find his mom, Dixon can't bear to go up to her, so Annie approaches her instead and relays the apology. His mom understands and says she made the decision to have him adopted for his best interests. She asks Annie to sit down and Annie fills her in on Dixon's life. The mom in turn relays a story of Dixon carting around a doll named "Mango" because he wanted a sister so badly when he was little. It's a really well-done scene on both actresses' parts.

Mr. Matthews, Ethan, Liam & I Moan
Ethan and Liam both sign up for the Habitat 4 Humanity spring break trip. Ethan does it for generous reasons, Liam does it because he needs the credit. I Moan jumps on-board because Liam is going. Liam is less than thrilled.

They are building houses on Chumash tribal ground. What do we know about the Chumash? "I just can't take all this namby-pamby boo-hooing about the bloody Indians. You won. All right? You came in and you killed them and

you took their land. That's what conquering nations do. It's what

Caesar did, and he's not going around saying, "I came, I conquered, I

felt really bad about it." The history of the world isn't people making

friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story." Or we could SING about it! Everybody now: "His penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe!"

Ahem. Sorry.

Later, Liam and I Moan have sex. I guess he likes her, or at least enough to do her in the woods. Ethan then asks Liam for some peyote. Liam won't let Ethan trip alone, so they drink the Magic Peyote Tea together.

Turns out Liam doesn't have any peyote and just screws with Ethan, going all Hunter-S-Mystical and getting Ethan to admit that he's tired of being everybody's phony yes-man. Liam eventually has to admit to Ethan that he's not high and Ethan punches him out. When Liam comes to, he smacks some sense into Ethan about hallucinating and how dangerous it is and they bond as buddies. Awesome.

Best Line
[on the ride home]
Dixon: You have the worst taste in music.
Annie: Shut up! I am your Mango!

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