Okay, so not all of 2009’s fall series have premiered yet, but I’ve already decided “90210” is my pick for most improved.

First of all, it had the longest road to travel and we definitely had our doubts about whether or not the writer-producers would be able to turn things around. Even after the season 2 premiere a couple weeks back, I was questioning whether the show should just call it a day. But based on hours 2 and 3, I’m pleased to say, bravo…


I mean, props to Jessica Stroup (Silver) who is playing heart break quite convincingly, as far as I’m concerned. And kudos to the producers for letting us watch this very simple, but fully relatable storyline actually play out.

Also, nice work with the Annie character. I remember getting a glimpse of a likable Annie at the end of last season when we saw her tell Liam what a d-bag she thought he was, stringing Naomi along and being so elusive. It was a strong moment for the young Ms. Wilson and though her mission was not quite as pure last night, it was still great to watch her finally put her foot down and put the conniving, bullying Naomi in her place, no?

Plus, I’m enjoying the incorporation of L.A. into so many scenes. Love seeing the boys at the beach, the whole crew on Teddy’s yacht yesterday. And, speaking of Teddy, his calm, chill demeanor definitely has the character growing on me… slowly but surely.

So, yeah, really nice work, “90210.”

I like what you’re doin’… I really do.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh