90210 annalynne mccord matt lanter 320 '90210': Naomi comes clean, Ade and Gia are over, and Ivy and Dixon are ... on?Everyone’s looking for second chances and owning up to their mistakes on “90210” — when they’re not trying to bury them, that is.

Naomi and Liam: Naomi’s taken her lie about Mr. Cannon sexually harassing her way too far, and now there’s going to be a hearing, even though she doesn’t want to press charges. She’s stuck and she knows it, but at least she has the decency to look pained, upset and nearly ready to confess. Then Liam, who’s being incredibly encouraging, tells her he loves her and supports her, which pretty much strengthens her resolve to stick to her story — particularly when word gets around West Bev.

On the day of the hearing, Naomi runs into a devastated-looking Mr. Cannon in the hallway, who asks why she’s ruining his life when she knows nothing happened. At some point, The CW goes to commercial break and asks their (presumably) young female audience if they’ve ever lied to get a guy — and text their answer to their special number. Way to encourage bad behavior, CW! This is like “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” — in bizarro world.

In the conference room, Naomi looks at Mr. Cannon sitting there with his wife and her resolve crumbles. She admits she lied, and will now have to face whatever consequences Harry and the school board can cook up. But worse, she leaves the room to find Liam gone. At home, she finally confesses what she did to Liam, and tells him how much she regrets the screw-up, but he packs his bags and heads back to his mom’s house, where he definitively does not want to be.

When Liam gets back to his mom’s, he finds his estranged dad (Scott Patterson) waiting for him — and I have to confess, all I can think of with him standing next to the boat Liam’s building is the boat that Luke never finished but stored in Lorelai’s garage on “Gilmore Girls.” Liam’s dad tells him that after he got out of prison, he found out that Liam was in California and hopped on the first bus (presumably violating his parole?) to come out to see him. It’s a nice moment, and I’m eager to see the backstory.

The next day at school, Naomi finds herself ostracized and whispered about, like the last scene in “Dangerous Liaisons” — or, given the demographic, “Cruel Intentions” — and Annie goes to comfort her. You’re not a terrible person, Annie tells her. The whole thing just got out of control, Naomi says. And she learns that if anyone understands what it’s like to have a secret get out of hand and become a nightmare, it’s Annie. We know this because Annie had a particularly silly dream sequence in which she was haunted by guilt over Jasper’s uncle.

Annie and Silver: Annie’s nightmare was prompted by a little joyride she and Silver took in a 1965 Mustang convertible (oddly like Brandon Walsh’s). They conned the salesman at the dealership let them take out for a spin without him after dressing up like baby prostitutes and pretending they were willing to spend an obscene amount of cash at some lot in Beverly Hills. Annie, seriously, don’t you have enough problems, particularly related to vehicles? The ladies were cruising around when they came upon the bend in the road where Annie hit Jasper’s uncle. Blessedly, she managed not to hit anything when she freaked out and slammed on the brakes. The pot’s a-boilin’, Annie, and confession’s in the air. Get to it.

Adrianna and Gia: Adrianna’s really excited to work with Laurel Cooper on her debut album, but a little bit apprehensive about the business she’s about to plunge into — including the music industry party that Laurel’s throwing at her fabulous house (which you may recognize from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 6). She’s feeling nervous and talks about it with Navid, who assures her that she can completely handle whatever comes her way. This is after Navid calmed down a bit after asking Gia if he turned Adrianna gay.

Gia’s not quite as supportive of Ade’s plans, and gets jealous of her talking to Navid. She’s also concerned about preserving her own sobriety and Ade’s too, which is why she doesn’t want to go to the party and doesn’t want Adrianna to, either. They fight and Adrianna ends up going to the party alone, but her heart’s not in it. And she gets some excellent advice from Laurel, who cautions her to always look out for herself and not get pushed into letting others make her decisions for her. So Ade heads to Gia’s to make up, only to find Alexis, Gia’s ex, coming out of the bathroom. Gia had a moment of weakness and hooked up, leaving Ade upset.

But she’s not crushed. Navid, who had a little making up to do with Lila, runs into her at a coffee shop at the end of the evening, and finds her writing songs and drinking coffee. See — the old Ade wouldn’t have consoled herself in such a level-headed, healthy way, he says. And they end up hanging out as friends. Remarkably adult and healthy for teenagers.

Laurel’s party: Long and short, Laurel invites Mr. Matthews but neglects to tell him that though Ivy hates these parties and probably won’t be there, Adrianna and Dixon (who’s DJing) will be. Which freaks out the teacher formerly known as Wake-and-Bake, who’s partaken in some of Laurel’s righteous weed and like any good teacher would rather not be stoned in front of his students. He ends up being a remarkable lightweight for someone whose face supposedly used to be attached to a bong.

Ivy and Dixon: We all saw the fake couple thing giving way to the real couple thing between these two, but at first only Dixon is feeling it. Until Liam all but tells Ivy to buzz off and Dixon sees an opening, wooing Ivy just a little bit with Bob Marley from his DJ perch before actually asking her out on a date. Cute.

What did you think? Will Naomi be able to redeem herself? Will Annie finally confess about her accident? Do you see Adrianna going on to be a big pop star?

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Posted by:Lisa Todorovich