Annalynnemccord_90210_240 Previously on “90210,” Silver went to Catholic school and ‘fessed up all her naughty acts, Liam revealed himself to be a bit of a snake but I Moan thinks it’s an act, Jen Clark swept into town to wreak all sorts of havoc and Navid and Adrianna went baby-crazy.

The entire group has lunch together, which is awesome. More whole-group scenes! Navid and Adrianna reveal their harebrained scheme about the baby and their pending nuptials. The group expresses their concerns and Navid and Ade take off. And that is the end of the group scenes for tonight.

The Clarks
Mr. Clark posits that he’s a family man and likes family values but Jen and I Moan just laugh at him. Jen calls him a “narcissistic, freaky old sexual degenerate.” I like her! They blackmail him into giving I Moan the first installment of her trust fund because apparently he slept with Jen’s tennis instructor when she was in high school. Fantastic. The Clark Sisters are going to use the money to get a place together.

Jen flirts with Ryan Matthews by whapping him in the eye and then showing off her art history knowledge. She’s actually pretty charming and he asks her out to dinner so she can “read” his “novel.” I hope she isn’t a speed reader. Ba dump ching! Turns out that was a total lie, though. There is no novel, so he has to fabricate one on the fly. It is terrible.

When Jen goes to dinner at Ryan’s house, they dip their feet in the Melrose Place pool and he confesses to the fake novel. This spurs Jen to confess that she blew through her million dollar trust fund in two months. She then laughs like she was kidding, but we know better, don’t we? That’s why she’s after I Moan’s trust fund.

The next morning, Jen lies to I Moan about a snafu with her bank and I Moan pays for their house with her trust fund money. Le sigh.

Adrianna & Navid
I Moan and Annie, still not condoning the happy couple’s decision, throw Adrianna and Navid a wedding/baby shower at the Wilsons. It’s awesome and very sweet. Navid’s mom shows up to try to convince Ade that they are making the wrong choice. Ade immediately goes into the bathroom and takes some pills from the Wilsons medicine cabinet. Oh, Ade. No, strike that. Oh, writers! Nooooo!

Navid crashes the shower and just when you think Navid is going to dump her, he says the sorority girl just made him realize how lucky he is to have Ade. Awww! But then Ade rains all over his sweet parade by confessing that after his mom yelled at her she took drugs (and then made herself throw up when she realized what she’d done). She panics and cries about how they aren’t ready for a baby.

They go home and snuggle up in her bedroom. Navid tells Ade to keep the ring as an engaged-to-be-engaged ring. Awww.

The Jets
Liam gets IDs for Navid’s bachelor party and the whole gang heads to a burlesque show where they meet some sorority girls who are pledging Pi Nu. You know, that sorority. Shenanigans ensue, with a cute blonde named Isabelle telling Navid not to get married. Dixon gets hammered and refuses to go home, so Liam stays with him. Liam also pays the bill with a credit card with his ID name on it. Looks like Liam has been doing a little pick-pocketing in his spare time. Drugs, drag racing, theft. He’s like the Swiss Army Knife of bad boys!

When Ethan drops Navid off at the Wilsons, he runs into Silver and there is some sparkage, even as Ethan explains to her about meeting Dixon in the middle. Liam drops Dixon off later and hits on Annie again when they put Dixon to bed. He calls her a volcano and he wants to see her explode. Is that his version of asking her to “read” his “novel?”

Silver & Dixon

Dixon wants to go to prom but Silver balks, until Ethan talks some sense into her and she changes her mind. That’s pretty much it.

Next week is prom, with a Jen-Kelly showdown over Ryan and Adrianna going into labor. Fantastic.

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